Spiked Lemonade by Shari J. Ryan


KU Book Reviews is just over seven months old and I’m still, surprisingly, finding new ways that my reading is affected by being a blogger. Like when I have to put a book on hold in order to meet other deadlines and go on to read one, two or even more books in between, and then come back to it. That’s not something I ever had to do as a reader, rarely do as a blogger, and quite frankly, not something I like to do at all.

As someone with an admittedly horrible memory, it’s oftentimes not even really feasible for me. However, I received the ARC for Spiked Lemonade by Shari J. Ryan well in advance of its release date and jumped right in, only to have to stop at around 30% and take care of other date-sensitive ARCs. Between stopping and coming back to it, I literally read 8 books and I was worried about how that would impact my experience of it.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I picked right back up where the story left off and never felt that absence. The characters were as fresh and as colorful as when I’d put the book down and I didn’t have to go back even a single page to remind myself of what had happened. I say that, because I think that’s a testament to the strength and uniqueness of the characters. Spiked Lemonade is the story of Sasha + Jags. Sasha is a southern girl that has always been the good girl, but definitely has a little bit of a wild side  hiding inside. Jags is rough around the edges, former military, tattooed and bearded with a dirty mouth that has no filter. Yes, this is very much the case of opposites attract, but what makes it special is that it felt like they each brought out a vulnerable side in the other that they has not previously explored.

Spiked Lemonade is technically a standalone, but it is the follow-up book to Ms. Ryan’s previous release, TAG. I have not read TAG yet, but the storyline from that book definitely continued in Spiked Lemonade. I never felt like I was missing any information or out of the loop (Ms. Ryan did a wonderful job of filling the reader in), but there’s a part of me that wishes I’d read TAG first. Sasha’s best friend, Cali, and her husband, Tango, are prominently featured in Spiked Lemonade and TAG is their story. They’re both wonderful characters and I think their story would make for a great read.

As of 8.30.16, Spiked Lemonade is available on Kindle Unlimited. 

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