4 New KU Read Its by Christine



Taken Back by Cali MacKay and Julie Farrell – If you like to read M/M stories, then this is a great read! This story is about Jax + Nathan and a second chance at love. Nathan + Jax were best friends in high school, but when Nathan’s dad discovered there might be more than friendship between the two, he was set to destroy Jax’s life and get Nathan as far from him as possible. Jax has resented Nathan, because he believes that Nathan’s experimentation has cost Jax everything.  This story is about a second chance at love, but more so, it’s about accepting who you are. Nathan has only dated women, but has an intense love for Jax that he can’t explain. Does that make him gay? Throughout the book, he struggles with his identity and what his feelings really mean. I thought the book had a great story as well as really told Nathan’s story and showed his struggles and acceptance of who he is and who he loves. I am eagerly awaiting book two in this series.


Surviving Regret by Megan Smith –  This book will give you an emotional ride from the first page. If you are in for a good cry, then this book is definitely for you. Landon + Macy were high school sweethearts. They ruled the school with two other couples. The six of them were inseparable and the best of friends until a tragedy changed everything. The splintered remains of those friendships take their toll on them and they struggle to move on with life. Landon loses himself in regret and guilt. The light of his life is Macy and yet he knows he will extinguish that, too, so he needs to let her go. Macy can’t get Landon to move on with life even though she wants nothing more than to be with him. This book is filled with every kind of emotion. Ms. Smith does such a great job of creating these characters and then letting you feel through them. I was emotional right up to the end. Great read!


Holding His Forever by Alexa Riley – I’m not a huge fan of novellas because I usually like more detail than can be provided in a shorter story form, but I was impressed with this one. This book can be read in one sitting and it had it all. Falling in love, steamy sex and a good story. Of course, you could have taken this story and made it longer, but I enjoyed its length. Derek is a fireman who lost two brothers in the line of duty and is having a hard time moving on with his life. Fia is trying to scrape together enough money to finish school. A fire in Fia’s apartment brings them together and instantly Derek knows that Fia is his angel and he won’t let her go. I thought this was a really good romantic read. Perfect book to take to the pool or beach for a few hours.


Mr. Right by J.S. Cooper – I am a big J.S. Cooper fan and have loved what I have read by her. Mr. Right is a story told from dual points of view, although most of it comes from Jess, our leading lady. Jess is a good girl who likes to take things slow, and sleeping with a guy usually means deep feelings. Evan is someone Jess meets through someone she is dating. Evan is the opposite of Mr. Right and Jess knows it.  Jess goes against her better judgement and gives into her desire to be with Evan, even though she knows it can only bring her heartbreak. I had a harder time getting into the story for the first half of the book, but when I figured out the twist, I was intrigued. I read the book all in one sitting. Although I had a hard time getting started with this one, once I saw where it was headed, I enjoyed the book very much.

As of 9.1.16, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.



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