The Matchmaker’s Replacement by Rachel Van Dyken


When Mila and I decided months back to expand the blog she started in January of this year, we had dreams for what a reader group could be. A fun place where readers and authors could connect, where readers could talk about their favorite KU books and most importantly, where we could all learn about books and authors we’ve not read before. Thus,  KUbbies’ Korner was born. One of the greatest joys of KU is getting to test the waters of a never-before-read author to see if their storytelling is a comfortable spot to be in for a few hours. My friend Ethel Jo, a blogger with A Day with Ethel recommended Rachel Van Dyken’s The Matchmaker’s Replacement (Wingmen Inc, book 2) in KUbbies’ Korner. This book constantly popped up in several Facebook reader groups I belong to and I was on the fence. But when Ethel Jo said read it, I read it!

Just as the title indicates, The Matchmaker’s Replacement is the sequel to the The Matchmaker’s Playbook. This is the story of Lex + Gabi, friends since childhood who became enemies in college and then friends (sort of), and then lovers. Their road to happiness is one of the funniest I’ve taken in a long time. The banter between them oozes with undertones of desire and need for each other. That they manage to become lovers in between verbal sparring is a wonderful miracle. But the real gift is Ms. Van Dyken’s ability to write a lovely, funny, real story of trying to do all you can to fight the love felt for a friend and making the decision to cross the line.

I admit, this was my first Rachel Van Dyken book. Yep, I never read The Matchmaker’s Playbook. I was a little concerned I wouldn’t understand the characters or have a harder time following The Matchmaker’s Replacement, but the story is written so well that anybody can pick up and understand who’s who and what’s going on. Characters from the previous book are included, one having a majorly minor role in this story. But have no fear, this is such a fun and witty story you’ll want to dive right in.

As of 9.10.16, The Matchmaker’s Replacement is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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