El Diablo by M. Robinson


What is it about the bad boy that makes women swoon? Why do we find the dark, brooding, dangerous, and sometimes psychotic, side of our fictional alpha males so attractive? I recently found my heart melting for K. Webster’s Gabe in This Isn’t Over, Baby and now Author M. Robinson has me head-over-heels for El Diablo’s Alejandro Martinez.

Martinez is unlike any bad boy I’ve met so far in this genre. He’s ruthless and deadly and has a heart-of-gold. He relishes his darkness, it’s in his DNA, but the reader just relishes him. First introduced in Crave Me, book 4 of the Good Ol’ Boys series, Martinez has very few redemptive qualities. It’s only in El Diablo that we learn Martinez’ entire story. How he was raised to become king of the underworld, that betrayal in the name of love changed who he wanted to be, but the love of the right woman can return him to the light.

As much as I adore her Good ‘Ol Boy series, I truly believe El Diablo is Ms. Robinson’s greatest book to date. Her heroine in this story, Lexi, is one of the emotionally and physically strongest female characters I’ve read. A trained ballerina from childhood, Lexi is a survivor of loss and abuse, but continues to hold true to her dreams. She has a deep sense of self that she never loses, even when she loses herself in Martinez. El Diablo is a spinoff of the Good ‘Ol Boy series and the segue to her new motorcycle club series. Creed, the first book of her MC series, is scheduled for release November 8th. I’m so looking forward to continuing on her journey.

As of 9.13.16, El Diablo is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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