The Silent Waters by Brittainy C. Cherry


As a blogger, I don’t consider myself a writer, but I do rely on my words to communicate why I loved a book as much as I did and why I think you should read it. I have read every single book that Brittainy C. Cherry has published and I have loved them all. I have even reviewed the first two books in her Elements Series, The Air He Breathes and The Fire Between High & Lo. Yet, I just finished The Silent Waters and I am so moved, I have no words. {FYI, these are complete standalones in a series. There are no overlapping characters whatsoever.}

I will try to cobble this together, but I am doubtful. It’s not easy to read words that flow so (seemingly) effortlessly off the page, yet hit you square in the gut, make you cry and laugh and hope and break and dream and worry and feel to such depths and then turn around and try to find your own words. I’m at a loss.

I could recount the story of Maggie May + Brooks, but how could a blurb ever do those two justice? I could tell you about their friends and family, but nothing I say can capture the beauty of their surrounding community and how they all support each other.

I can say this – I think The Silent Waters is her finest work to date. It was so beautifully woven into a flowing tapestry of words. Ms. Cherry has such a way with the written word that I know this is a novel that will stay with me forever. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one you will want to read immediately {or as soon as it releases tomorrow, lol.} Not only as a borrowed book on Kindle Unlimited, but as a permanent book in your collection.

As of tomorrow, 9.22.16, The Silent Waters will be available on Kindle Unlimited.

{Note: the pre-sale price of $0.99 will expire at 6pm-ish on 9.22.}

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