Pig & Barley Series by Mae Wood


Lately it seems the world-at-large is full of so much negativity. It’s hard to ignore communities imploding and selfish behavior everywhere. I was losing hope of people still remembering to support one another. Then a few weeks back, a beacon of light – Kate Canterbary, author of The Walsh series and someone mentioned frequently here on KU Book Reviews – posted in her reader group, The Walsh Groupies, about a two-book series she read and was amazed by. An author supporting another author. An author genuinely excited for a new story and new author that she did something she doesn’t normally do, she wrote a review! And not just a review, a review that had many members, including myself, quickly heading over to Amazon to download!

What books could an incredible author like Kate be so excited about? Mae Wood’s Pig and Barley series, Risking Ruin (Book 1) and Borrowing Trouble (Book 2). This is the romantic love story of Marisa + Trip. We first meet this duo in Risking Ruin when Marisa is brought on as the attorney to defend Trip’s family’s business against horrible accusations made by former employees. They develop a close working relationship, and Trip can’t hid his growing attraction to Marisa. But their attorney-client relationship limits their out of office interactions.

Can they find a way to be professionally personal? Borrowing Trouble answers that question and continues to showcase Ms. Wood’s ability to write real, complex characters. Marisa is a spitfire, whip smart and damn good at her job. She’s feisty, fierce and a loyal friend and daughter. Trip is the epitome of the Southern gentleman. Charismatic, smart, hardworking, kind and loves his momma! Perhaps what I most loved about the Pig and Barley series is Ms. Wood’s highlighting of an honest relationship, packed with work and life obligations. As she masterfully shows us, anything worth having is worth working for!

As of 9.23.16, Risking Ruin and Borrowing Trouble are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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