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Hey, KUbbies and Addicts! Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + One-Click Addict!  Here are two new great Buy Its to add to your TBR today!




As I read this book, I felt like I was constantly waiting. Waiting to know more. To learn their secrets. This broken boy and this broken girl. With so many secrets, the moment you think you understand just that little bit more, you realize you don’t. That there are so many secrets upon secrets that you wonder if you’ll ever know them all.

Wait by AL Jackson is one of the most beautifully written books I’ve read in a very long time. There’s a cadence to the writing that is so hypnotic it draws you into its rhythm. The writing, sometimes poetry in its own right, is just stunningly beautiful. The way that Wait is structured as a book, slowly revealing their pasts, their truths, their lies and their secrets, is nothing short of brilliant. Truly, it is a remarkable book. It will keep you hooked throughout, but more than that, it will keep you waiting in breathless anticipation of when everything will come to light, when will they finally free themselves of their pasts and through all of that, can they find their happy ending?

I had seen Wait since its release around Facebook and Amazon, and I truly wish I’d not waited so long to read it. Trust me when I say this is one you will want to move to the very top of your TBR. Wait is a standalone in the Bleeding Stars series. I had not read any of the other books in the series prior to reading Wait, but I have already purchase the others.


RATING: BUY IT {Robyn} – Real life crime has never been something I’ve followed. Knowing people survived some of the most horrific acts, all at the hands of another person, is more than even my cynical soul can take. I do know that there are incredible people in the world who survived and are thriving. I do wonder how they get through the trial, if there is one, of the monster that hurt them. I try not to think about those who survived, but may never get the closure of receiving justice. Ker Dukey + K. Webster (yep, my favorite writer of the dark side), make you think all these things with their superb Pretty Stolen Dolls.

This is really the story of Jade Phillips, a young police detective that survived years of captivity and brutality when she was kidnapped at age 14, along with her sister, Macy, 8-years-old when they were taken. By a miracle, Jade escapes and vows to come back for Macy. Years later and Jade, though desperate to fulfill that vow, has not been able to find her sister. When a series of kidnappings and murders in her community are eerily similar to that of her disappearance, Jade can’t help but wonder if the monster of her childhood has returned.

I should mention Jade is partnered with Dillon Scott, a no-nonsense, alpha detective that is not overly popular with other members of the force. Dillon has his own demons to work through, ones that make it easier for him to understand Jade and her past. They have a rocky relationship for most of the time they’ve been partnered, but as events force Jade to open up more, she and Dillon form an incredible bond.

I can’t stress enough there are possible triggers in this story as events of past and present are told. And while I anticipated Jade’s story to take more than one book, many may not. Know a sequel is being worked on, Pretty Lost Dolls, so Jade’s journey is not yet over!

As of 9.25.16, Wait is available on Kindle Unlimited. Pretty Lost Dolls will be released to Kindle Unlimited on 9.26.16, but is available now for pre-order.


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