Bang Gang by Jade West


I know, I know, you hear a title like Bang Gang and you immediately think all sex, no substance. But you have to remember, this is Jade West. Her sex is dirty, just like I like it, but her stories are really, really good. I love great sex in a book, but if the story isn’t there, it won’t hold my attention. As soon as I started hearing talk about Bang Gang on Facebook, I couldn’t wait to read it. Ever since reading Sugar Daddies, I was a Jade West fan. 

Bang Gang is the story of Jo + Darren. Now approaching their 30s, they are the parents of two girls, 12-year-old Mia and 8-year-old Ruby. Pregnant in their teens, they tried to make it work, but never married and eventually separated. They co-parent their girls and are amicable, but have never gotten back together.

Jo works in a coffee shop and lives with the girls and her Nanna. Darren, now the owner of an auto shop, is living life a bit less predictably. He’s started a side business with his four mechanics – gang bangs for sale. Yep, hot, sweaty, dirty gang bangs with five hot mechanics. And in this little village, all of the women want a piece of the action – yes, even Jo. The question is, because and even in spite of Darren’s newfound business, can they find their way back to each other?

Again, I know it sounds like sex, sex and more sex and in the hands of a lesser writer, I have no doubt that’s what it would be, but in Ms. West’s capable hands, the story truly does trump the sex. Don’t get me wrong – the sex is HOT, but the story is what will keep you turning until the very last page. In particular, I loved how Ms. West shared their internal dialogue with the reader throughout. And, I adored their daughters, especially Ruby. For a book as hot as Bang Gang, I dare say, I found it incredibly sweet. 

As of 10.11.16, Bang Gang is available on Kindle Unlimited. 

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