Elicit by M. Never


I’ve said it before and I will continue to do so – I simply love M. Never’s books. Elicit (Decadence After Dark Book 5) is, by far, no exception. The Decadence After Dark series was one of those series I devoured book after book after book and it has stayed with me. It’s dark and taboo and yet, there are strong elements of sweet and achingly beautiful love.

Elicit is the story of Jett + London, two characters that are featured prominently throughout the series. Finally, with Elicit, we get to learn their stories and it was well worth the wait. Jett + London are two extremely complex, beautiful and, at times, broken characters. And the sex? Seriously, there are no words.

There were things I expected, but nothing in my mind could have ever prepared me for the truth of their pasts – most especially London’s. M. Never has crafted an incredible tale and has worked it into this delectable series seamlessly. It really was so much more than I expected. Although, I should know by now that I will always be wowed when reading M. Never.

Elicit, I suppose, could be read on its own, but, at the very least, I can’t imagine not reading book one in the series, Owned, first. Do yourself a favor though and read the entire series. It’s that good. Elicit is just one more reason to join the ride!

As of 10.18.16, Elicit is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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