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Heya, Kubbies! Welcome back to our monthly feature where we interview some of our favorite authors. Each posted interview will be followed up by a Live Q&A in KUbbies’ Korner, where you’ll have a chance to ask your questions!

{Mallory will be LIVE in the Korner TONIGHT, Tuesday, October 18, at 10pm ET}

14432936_2018249295067981_611080186402776051_nWe’re thrilled to welcome M. Dauphin as our October KUBR Featured Author. She is the author of the novels Just Go, Crazy and Dirty Desire and the two series FIGHT and Broken Promises. Her upcoming novel, Lost & Found, is the final book in the FIGHT series.

She also co-writes with HQ Frost and together, they’ve penned For3ver, Little Bird (Caged Book 1) and Bang: Challenge Accepted.

On a personal note, I met Mal at the Wild & Windy in the City author event back in May, but really got to know her when we both attended a Colleen Hoover signing a few months back {followed by a few drinks with her amazing PA, Lauren, whom I also adore!} She’s exactly what you would think she’d be like if you interact with her at all on Facebook – funny to a fault, sweet to a fault and without a doubt, one of those people you think of when you hear, “She’s good people.”

So, without further ado:

The Writing Stuff:

Have you always been a writer? If not, when did you start writing?

No, I’ve only been writing for a few years. Actually, writing was never on my radar until one day my husband was tired of me spending all kinds of money on books and I wanted something to fill my time so I thought ‘why not try?! The first series was terrible and I think that’s why I’m so grateful to the readers that have been with me since the beginning. Lololol!!!

What is your writing process like?

Coffee. Headphones. Music (loud). Coffee. Write a paragraph…OOO FACEBOOK! Monster energy drink. More music. Add music to playlist. Write the rest of the chapter. Bed.
Obviously I need to work on being more productive. Ha!

Do you have one book that you’re most proud of or that you like the best?

Solo, I would say I’m most into my characters in my FIGHT series. It was my second ever series and they’ve gone through SO many edits and growth, but the characters themselves are my favorite to write. I just finished their final novel and am so excited to release them to their fans!

In total, though, my favorite book I’ve EVER written is FOR3VER with H.Q. Frost. And I can’t explain why, but you just have to read it.

Is there an author who inspired your writing?

Chloe Cox was an author who I was ARC reading for when I started writing… she really helped me with the push I needed. HM Ward was another author that was super helpful when I first started out with just the right amount of support and positivity I needed to get going.

Now I think I just write so Frost doesn’t kill me in my sleep.

The KU Stuff:

Are you a Kindle Unlimited member?

Nope, but all of my works are currently enrolled in KU!

What are your thoughts on the KU program?

I actually just re-enrolled after a stint of using all platforms. As an author, it’s scary putting all your eggs in one basket, but that basket happens to have the most positivity coming from it. Sure, I don’t have my books everywhere else, but my fans are Kindle fans, so why not give them the chance to read my stories for free using their subscription they pay for?

Have you discovered any new authors with KU?

Personally, I don’t use KU (because honestly my reading time is so little I wouldn’t get my money’s worth) 🙂 

Best KU discovery so far?

Mila. She’s my best KU discovery 😉

The Personal Stuff:

Where are you from?

A van down by the river. Also known as Southern Illinois, born and raised.

Are you a full-time writer or do you have another job? If so, what?

Part-time writer, part-time graphic designer, full-time mom 🙂

Are you married? Kids? Any pets?

Married for 8 years, we made two small ninjas (3 and 5) and have a black lab that drives us nuts, but doesn’t eat the kids so we keep her.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I hate feet. Hardcore.

The Fun Stuff:

Top three places you’d like to visit:

Michigan. Michigan. London. (Did I say Michigan) HAHA!

Favorite cuisine & drink:

Chinese food hands down. Sweet and Sour Chicken. And beer. Most all beers I’m ok with, but hand me an IPA and I’ll throat punch you…

Favorite book(s) you’ve read in the past month:

Jailbait by Emily Goodwin. SO good!

Favorite hobby not related to reading:



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