Incognito by Ten Secret Authors


With all the books I’ve read, anthologies never seem to hit my radar. Honestly, I don’t know why. What a great way to read great stories by great authors in one collection! I’ve seen a few anthologies released in the recent months, noted to download a few and check out the stories, but one in particular caught my eye. Well, the title caught my attention incognitoreally. A few of my favorite authors posted on their Facebook pages about a book, Incognito, and the cover was unique too. Brown paper strategically placed over a body that only exposes thighs and hands. And written on that paper, “Because the unknown makes it so much better.” Hm. What type of anthology could this possibly be?

As it turns out, it’s ten short stories written by ten authors whose names are not revealed. More than that, these are ten distinct, unique stories for romance lovers of all kinds. Love dark romance? Incognito has you covered. Love second chance stories? Look no further. Are you like me and love M/M romance? Woo hoo, stop and read “Run Aground.” Incognito is designed for all of us, not just fans of certain tropes. These are each well-written, well-developed stories that leave you wanting more!

Oh, the best part of Incognito? A portion of the proceeds are being donated to a pit bull rescue! Ten known, yet unknown, authors spreading joy to readers and giving love to animals. I’m excited to learn the author identities in January!

As of 10.20.16, Incognito is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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