Secrets of an Alpha Male by J.D. Hawkins


I recently returned from a trip to China and Cambodia. While I was over there, I received an ARC for Secrets of an Alpha Male by J.D. Hawkins. I can’t say that I know for sure, but there was something about being in a Buddhist country while reading Secrets that just made the Eastern philosophy woven throughout resonate all the more.

secretsSecrets of an Alpha Male is the story of Connor + Frankie. Connor is an MMA fighter on the precipice of making it professionally and initially, cocky and alpha AF. Frankie is a free spirit. A yoga instructor struggling with opening up her own studio and finding her way in life. On the outside, these two have it all – they’re doing what they love, they’re young, gorgeous and seemingly on their way to achieving their goals. However, inside, they both have their doubts and insecurities, which undoubtedly made me love them all the more.

There’s a really pure connection between the two, where each understands the other in a way that those in their lives don’t. And, something about the way being together brings out their inner strengths. Hawkins’ books are always hot, but this one added a sense of depth that I’d not experienced in his previous works. In addition to the greater character development, even the writing struck me in a different way. I was literally in a car driving {well, being driven} from Battambang to Phnom Penh with my friend and read a line that resonated so deeply, it made me stop and repeat it to her – that almost never happens to me. In fact, there were actually more than a few passages that I highlighted.

So yes, if you want a hot, sexy, fun read, Secrets will definitely deliver. But if you’re also looking for something more, something a little deeper, this will more than fit the bill.

As of 10.25.16, Secrets of an Alpha Male is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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