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Hey, KUbbies and Addicts! Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + One-Click Addict!  Here are two new great Buy Its to add to your TBR today!


RATING: BUY IT {Robyn} – I love reading and I love reading books in the romance genre. I’m not an overly optimistic person when it comes to real life, so I rely on books to escape into the fantasy of two people meeting, falling in love, overcoming an obstacle and, yes, living happily ever after. But I sometimes want to know what happens in that HEA. Is it really sunshine and daisies? Do the couple always find a way to overcome the tough times and stay together, actually falling deeper in love? How does the story really continue? Adriana Locke answers all of these questions in her beautiful and powerful Written in the Scars.

The honest and raw story of Ty + Elin, childhood sweethearts who grow up, marry and live as close to happily ever after as is possible in their quaint mining hometown. But overtime, disappointment over unfulfilled life plans and a horrible accident have these two at odds, their marriage in peril. With the support and guidance of their family and friends, Ty + Elin have to make the decision to fight for a future together or learn how to live without one another forever.

Although I’ve never been married and the longest committed relationship I’ve been in is with my Himalayan cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, I felt every ounce of resentment and confusion Elin + Ty felt in their marriage. Their hurt and anger over events they had no control over, but that so deeply affected them, was palpable. My heart ached when truths were revealed. There really was no right or wrong for the breakdown in their marriage.

And then there’s Cord, perhaps one of the most wonderfully written side characters I’ve read in quite some time. Ms. Locke fully developed this character for the readers and helped us really understand Ty + Elin in a more neutral context. He was the true voice of reason and often the voice of tough love they needed to hear. I often find a character I identify with in a story, and while that didn’t happen here, I can say that I fell hard for Cord McCurry. A new book boyfriend indeed. Should I warn Mr. Bigglesworth?


RATING: BUY IT {Mila} –Last May, I attended my first author signing event, Wild & Windy in the City, in Chicago, where I live. I hadn’t met a single person in the book world in real life and while I’m naturally an extrovert, I was still way out of my element. I saw a post on Facebook about some people hanging out at the bar, so I went down there. Two of the very first people I met were Michelle Mankin and her best friend, Lisa Anthony. They immediately made me feel at home in this new universe and kicked off an incredible weekend for me.

Fast forward a few months. Michelle and I had kept in touch and loved to talk books, music and other business ventures. When she reached out to me to beta read Tempting Tempo, I was honored and blown away all at the same time. I had just finished reading her three-part Finding Me and I was hooked on her writing. Given her catalog is not KU, however, I was unable to fit any more books into my schedule at the time. Here was the twist – Tempting Tempo was book five in her Tempest series, but she was writing it as a standalone AND it was slated to go KU sometime after its release. So, the fact that I hadn’t read the Tempest series was actually a good thing, as I could read it as a newbie and see if it worked as a standalone. Being a part of the process and watching Michelle tweak it to get it where it needed to be to work on its own was an incredible joy to watch. She is a masterful writer. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she writes incredibly hot, sexy musicians that you simply can’t help but fall in love with.

Tempting Tempo is the beautifully written love story of Sager + Melinda. Sager, the bass player for the band Tempest, had a troubled youth, but has grown into a remarkable man. He’s deep and artistic, strong and brooding, passionate and intuitive. I loved his commitment to Melinda, now known as Blue, even with their past. And oh, do they have a past. When we meet Blue, she is pursuing her dream as a competitive skier, but there is so much more to her story. She’s a complex character that is still trying to find out who she is and find her way.

This story will take you places you never quite expect, but what a masterful ride it is. It is an emotional journey that will make you cry and laugh, but more so, it will make you want to see these two overcome all obstacles in their way – both as individuals and as a couple. Throughout Tempting Tempo, we meet so many other characters and yet, you never feel overwhelmed by it all. In fact, all it does is make you want to hunker down with the rest of the Tempest series, which is a big win in my book.

As of 10.30.16, Written in the Scars and Tempting Tempo are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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