Paid For by Alexa Riley


I’ve had incredible luck in the past few weeks with my reads. It’s as if I hit thepaid_for romance books pot-of-gold. One after another of simply fantastic reads, many that have left me emotional goo. And while I’m not a huge fan of the insta-love, Quick & Dirty reads, I really needed the ginger book to cleanse my palate before tackling a book I knew would leave me in another form of emotional goo. What luck for me Alexa Riley released Paid For when I needed it. Just for those wondering, no shirtless, sexy leprechauns have been spotted. THAT is my luck!

Paid For is an uber hot, insta, Q&D with all the sexytime scenes Alexa Riley is known for. This super-fast read, I completed it in about 30 minutes, tells the tale of young, sweet, virginal, down-on-her luck Kennedy, and the overbearing, ambitious, passionate Mason. Luck certainly plays a role in Kennedy’s life as she is hired by Mason for all the wrong reasons, but at the very right time in her life.

Fans of Alexa Riley and the Q&D format will not be disappointed by Paid For. The character development is actually stronger than I’ve come to expect from these short reads and the outcome, as always, was satisfying. I was able to take a deep breath and comfortably prepare myself for the next incredible read on my list.

As of 11.3.16, Paid For is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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