4 New KU Read Its by Christine



Scandalous by Lola Darling – Lola Darling does a great job with this book! Chloe + Max melt the pages! WOW! The sex is hot and steamy and oh so good, but more than that, I thought the message of the story was so important. Chloe + Max are both lawyers destined for great things at their firm. Chloe is a workaholic and there isn’t room for anything else in her life. Max is serious about his job, but believes that there is more to life than work. So many times, people become all about their jobs and they forget that the purpose of life is to live that life. Max shows Chloe that living life is as important as making partner. He shows her how to trust in another person and to find a better life-balance. So many people struggle with that. I thought this was a great read. I’d love to see where Chloe + Max end up in the future!


Silver (All That Glitters Book 5) by KA Linde – This is the last book in the All That Glitters Series and can be read as a standalone. Stacia + Pace have had an on-again, off-again relationship all through college. When Stacia finds herself homeless, Pace takes her in. He has never moved on from her and has always loved her. They both did things that led to mistrust and issues in their relationship in the past. Now a few years older, are they ready to work on their relationship and make it work? I loved Pace in this story, because I loved how he may have been a jerk in the past, but once he set his sights on Stacia he doesn’t waiver. He gives her time to work through things and become the person she needs to become. They both grew up. I have to go back and read Gold and Diamonds (I have read Emeralds and Platinum), because I have come to love all of these characters so much. This is such a great group of friends. It shows the meaning of having someone’s back and putting others before yourself. True friendship for the girls, and the guys are true gems. Loved this series! I’d love to see a novella in the future with how life is panning out for them all. Great read!


Hail Mary by Julianna Marley – This is the second book in the Mavericks series, but can be read as a standalone.  In this book, Whitney + Shay get their shot at love. Whitney was left very pregnant by her fiancé who just disappeared. Shay happened to be in the right spot as Whitney went into labor and was her support system to get through a really hard day. Something connected between them on that day. It didn’t matter that Shay never saw himself as a family man or that Whitney couldn’t trust men. They were drawn to each other. Ms. Marley does a fantastic job at fleshing out the characters. You feel like this group of friends could be your best friends. She paints a very vivid picture of the emotions of what is going on with everyone. This series is becoming near and dear to my heart since I feel like I really know these characters. This is a great read!


Fit for Love by Brinda Berry – This book has all the elements of a sweet love story. Hot guy, with a heart of gold? Check. Feisty heroine? Check. And the ex-boyfriend that doesn’t want to let the heroine move on? Check. Aidan absolutely made me swoon in this book. His grandmother raised him and he dotes on her. When he meets Makenna, he connects with her instantly (no pun intended since he connects with her fist, LOL). Makenna has a three-year-old son who is her world and a busy life doesn’t leave much time to date. When Aidan persistently pursues her and asks her to fake an engagement with him for his grandma, she reluctantly agrees. Aidan sees this as his in to get to know her and break through her walls. I was a goner when Aidan tried so hard to connect with Mac’s son, Ryder. Not only does he fall in love with Makenna, but he also is head over heels with her son. This is the third book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. Good read!

As of 11.10.16, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.


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