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Hey, KUbbies and Addicts! Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + One-Click Addict!  Here are two great new Buy Its to add to your TBR today!


RATING: BUY IT {Robyn} – Have you ever read a book that, almost from the first word, you know life for the next few hours will be shut out, a spectator in something far more important? I admit I’m very particular about books I find outstanding. I’ve read loads of books that are incredible reads, but there aren’t many I think up the game of writing, especially in the romance genre. There’s a formula, albeit a very successful formula, to the books we love. So when a book comes along that takes that formula and turns it into a masterpiece, that’s a book to be talked about. J.A. DeRouen’s Low Over High (The Over Duet Book 1) is just that book.

Low Over High introduces us to Marlo + Ever, high school enemies turned friends turned lovers. Marlo, Low to her family and close friends, is a girl from a tightknit, loving, rural Texas family, estranged from her mother in Louisiana. Ever comes from a family lost in grief, unable to communicate their true feelings. When circumstances have both living at the same prestigious boarding school in New Orleans and working at a local grocery, a tiff over spilled cake eases into an unexpected friendship they desperately need. That need to connect and to be understood by someone soon has their friendship transition into more.

This was my first experience with Ms. DeRouen’s work and it surpassed any expectations I had for reading an author for the first time. She captured the angst and self-loathing of the teen years in characters so well developed I believe every reader will identify with some part of them. Whether it’s the good girl working hard to do her best but has a need to break free, or the bad boy who feels so lost he thinks the best thing that could happen is never be found, Low + Ever are characters we understand. They strive to do what they need for the people they love the most.

Low Over High is a cliffhanger, but it’s just so breathtaking I think even readers who aren’t fans of cliffies will be pleased. There’s gratification in so many ways for these characters toward the end. I’m excited to read the continuation of Low + Ever’s journey when Ever Over After releases January 2017. I really look forward to delving into more of Ms. DeRouen’s books!


RATING: BUY IT {Mila} – One of the first emails I ever received from an author requesting a review was from Rachel Schneider. She had just released her debut novel, Taking Mine. I read it and was utterly blown away by not only an incredibly well-crafted story, but by her writing. There was something so authentic and subtle and real in the tone and voice of her story and the way she introduced us to her characters’ lives. I just couldn’t believe it was her first novel. I loved it and wanted more. Needless to say, when talk of Forfeiting Decency started to arise, I could not have been more excited. Did that lead to high expectations? You bet. Unfairly high? Probably. Did she deliver? Undoubtedly.

When you interact with Rachel online via social media, you find a woman that is self-deprecating, funny, down to earth and really, really normal. No airs. No BS. Just Midwestern wholesome goodness. You’d expect her books to be the same – and they are – just not in the way you’d expect. Her characters are self-deprecating and funny and down to earth and really, really normal and yet, there is nothing normal about their circumstances or the webs they’ve woven in their lives. They’re deep and complex and messed up in the best possible way.

Forfeiting Decency is the story of Kaley + Kip, two characters we meet in Taking Mine. Kaley led a privileged life until it all fell apart and in turn, has become an escort. Kip is her best friend’s brother, but has a difficult past of his own. If this sounds like a story you think you might know, trust me when I say these are merely the frameworks to tell the story and the story is where the beauty and complexity and yes, the magic of Rachel Schneider’s talents come through. She could take a story about fishing and make it so complex, you’d write a review and never mention the fish.

It is entirely written as a standalone, but know going in that if you read Forfeiting Decency, the secrets of Taking Mine will be revealed. I am such a huge fan of both books that I highly suggest you read Taking Mine first and experience it without the knowledge gleaned from Forfeiting Decency. However, if the choice is between only Forfeiting Decency and nothing, then read this one now. I know how hard it is to have an insurmountable TBR, but honestly, these two books deserve a place very high up on that list. I implore you to not cheat yourself out of the perfection of Taking Mine and add both to your TBR.

As of 11.13.16 Low Over HighForfeiting Decency and Taking Mine are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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