Losing You by Brooklyn Taylor


I’ve often called myself an equal opportunity reader. When it comes to romance there’s not a troupe I haven’t read. Paranormal, sports, military, rock stars, older couples, new adult – well, you get the idea. I was introduced to author Brooklyn Taylor during the KUbbies’ Korner Indie Saturday Night Takeover. She mentioned a young adult romance she’d written, Losing You, and provided an small insight to the story. Small insight was a big hook for me!losing_you_bt

Losing You tells a very real and relatable story of teenage love filled with the emotions that come from truly falling in love for the first time. Zoey + Tristen may seem different on the outside, she from a home with two parents and a sister, he an orphan since childhood, bounced from foster home to foster home. Yet, heartbreak for both leads to a mistrust of love. Not just mistrusting when you’re told you’re loved, but mistrusting you’re worthy of it.

Ms. Taylor captured my attention immediately when introducing Zoey + Tristen and held me completely through a story that was sometimes gut wrenching. I had faith in her strong story telling that staying with their journey would be well worth it. I was SO right!

As of 11.15.16, Losing You is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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