Aural Tendencies with Robyn


I tend to confess so much to you here, KUbbies. It’s said confession is good for the soul, and sharing my love of books with you makes me happy, so this is a safe place for me. With that said, here’s my latest confession: my name is Robyn and I’m an audio addict. It started in January of this year, yes, just a mere 10 months ago, when I purchased Kate Canterbary’s Necessary Restorations on audio. It wwalsh_1-2as my first experience with audiobooks and I decided to start with an author, story and characters I absolutely loved. The dual narration of Christian Fox and Lucy Rivers hooked me immediately. They brought a new perspective to a story I knew so well, making it feel like it was the first time I was experiencing it. When Necessary Restorations ended, I knew I
would never go back to simply only reading a book. I need to know how someone else hears the words and feels the emotions. I want to know stories from more minds.

This is why I’m feeding my addiction and not seeking a cure. This is why I’m excited to bring you Aural Tendencies with Robyn, a weekly review of the audio companions to romance books available in Kindle Unlimited. I should note that some of the companions are also KU, but many will need to be purchased {available at a discounted price once you add the book to your KU library}.

Because narration can bring a new perspective to stories, some of these reviews may cover books we’ve previously reviewed on KUBR or they may be brand new to the blog. Either way, you’ll get a recommendation of both story and audio companion

In comparison to other audio junkies, my library is small, but growing every day. I wasn’t sure where to begin with my first review, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made for me to begin really at my beginning: the audio companions to books 1-4 of Kate Canterbary’s The Walsh Series. Regular readers of the blog know that Mila was inspired by Kate to start KUBR, also in January (total coincidence, honest), and Mila’s review of the books says EVERYTHING I feel! This series, soon to be a six-book series in December with the release of The Spire, about a tight-knit Bostonian architectural family navigating life and love and the craziness of it all is my most recommended series to read, and now to listen to.515qjHb69DL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Christian Fox and Lucy Rivers dual narrate all four books, Underneath It All, The Space Between, Necessary Restorations and The Cornerstone, and capture the spirit of the Walshes, Matthew, Patrick, Samuel, Shannon, Riley and the occasionally-heard-from Erin, and their lovers and friends, Lauren, Andy, Tiel, Will, Nick and Magnolia. Mr. Fox narrates ALL the characters so well you almost forget you’re listening to a single person. He easily moves through the dialogue bringing forward the humor, anger, sorrow, lust and ultimately love the characters feel for each other, their work and their city. I often forget I’m alone listening when I’m listening to his narration.

For those new to audio or who had a bad experience before, I HIGHLY recommend the Walsh Series as a place to start or start over. Just be warned, once you start you too will want to continue feeding your aural beast!

In full disclosure, I discovered Kate’s Walsh Series in the summer of 2015, and fell hard for her immense talent and ability to write characters I not only understood, but identify with. Since then I’ve become really lucky to not only become an admin of her reader group, The Walsh Groupies, but consider her a great friend. Still, I find myself listening to these books as a form of comfort and support and have since January. I even took Sam + Tiel with me in April on a grueling half-marathon. The soothing tones of Christian and Lucy got me to the finish line!

As of 11.22.16, The Walsh Collection books 1-2 and 3-4 are available in Kindle Unlimited. All four books are available with audio companion and Amazon Whispersync.

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  1. qhorsenut

    I’m hooked, addicted whatever you want to call it! I started in Aug 2015 with Kathryn Le Veque’s The Crusader and have not slowed down in the past year. I only became aware of The Walshes about 6 weeks ago and am now anxiously awaiting for The Spire. Disappointed that Restored is not in audio version. I first read Underneath it All thru Kindle Unlimited but have since purchased the completed series with audio.


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