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Hey, KUbbies and Addicts! Welcome back to the Sunday KU Spotlight by KUBR + One-Click Addict. However, today isn’t just any Sunday! Today we have a very special announcement: Many KUbbies and ALL Addicts already know and love Beth Cranford. Well, today, Beth makes her Sunday KU Spotlight and KU Book Reviews debut! Starting today, Beth will be bringing you a new KU book every Sunday here in the Sunday KU Spotlight! We’re beyond thrilled to have her as a part of the KUBR team! {Lots of exclamation points, I know, but I am one of Beth’s biggest fans! ~Mila}

So, without further ado, here are two great new books to add to your TBR today!


“I really like this kind of crazy.”

And I really like this kind of book. This kind of book that isn’t a small-town romance, but feels that way, thanks to a group of tight-knit and fun friends. This kind of book that doesn’t go all out with heart-wrenching angst, but manages to sock you in the chest with feels—while still making you laugh and smile.

garrettThis kind of book that’s just…good. Garrett (Bachelors of the Ridge Book 2) was exactly that. Really, really good. For me, it was the book I needed after an epic book hangover—something light (but not without emotion), something sexy (but not burn the house down, is that even possible? erotic), something chockfull of antagonistic banter, which gave way to flirty banter, which gave way to a sweet love story.

All of which left me with a smile. The slow burn between Aurora + Garrett was on point. I did find myself a little irked by Rory on occasion, but even those minor frustrations played into the moment that it all came to a head. And what a moment that was—cheeky, silly and exactly what I needed as a reader who was well and truly invested in this couple.

This is now the second book I’ve read by Karla Sorenson, and I am already anticipating the next book in this series—not that you need to read the books before or after Garrett to be able to enjoy it. With an OMG! set-up for Cole and a little tease for Tristan—not to mention the chance of seeing more of Dylan + Kat, Garrett + Rory in the future—it’s hard not to be impatient for more of this kind of book…

“This is insane.”
“It is.”
“We should stop.”
“Absolutely not.”


Sweet, romantic perfection.

Two days ago, I had just finished a book when a good friend of mine, who is also a blogger, texted me and said, “Read this!!! Stop what you’re reading and READ this book!!!” That’s a direct quote. The book she was referring to was Words I Couldn’t Say by Tessa Teevan. I’d met Tessa a few times and she’s so lovely, but I had yet to read any of her books. With the words-i-couldnt-sayapproaching time off for Thanksgiving weekend, I knew it was the perfect chance.

As soon as I started, I was immediately swept away in the love story of Ava + Tucker. Born days apart, they grew up next door to each other and were inseparable from day one. When circumstances lead to Ava leaving to pursue her dream of becoming an actor, Tucker lets her go. While separated, Tucker writes a bestselling romance novel that gets commissioned to become a movie. And when it comes time to casting, he insists Ava play the lead role. That’s the nuts and bolts, but at its core, this is a love story about soulmates and that’s where the magic lies. In witnessing a love that is simply meant to be.

There are so many lovely moments revealed throughout the book as we learn more and more about their history together. I loved discovering these little nuggets and don’t want to give away a single one. Suffice it to say that even in writing this review, I’m sitting her reminiscing about them and have a gentle smile on my face. Words I Couldn’t Say is such a beautiful, heartwarming story about a love so connected, so meant to be, that you can’t help but be carried away by it all.

Words I Couldn’t Say features characters from Ms. Teevan’s Explosive series and I could feel the love of these characters as they were peppered throughout the story. You could just tell that each of them was special and it made me want to read each of their stories all the more. I believe it will inspire you to do the same.

As of 11.27.16, Garrett and Words I Couldn’t Say are both available on Kindle Unlimited.

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