Aural Tendencies with Robyn


Okay, so we all know by now that I’m a reader with high standards (aka very picky). I read so many books, in so many genres that I can’t help but roll my eyes and feel a bit frustrated with the clichéd, same old-same old telling of stories. I think for romance it just needs to end with a hope of happiness for the characters, but the formulaic boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy and girl reunite gets to be too much. So you can imagine how excited I am when I come across a story that leaves me with the hope of happy at the end, but tells a story unlike anything I’ve read before! Twists and turns I NEVER saw coming! Kerry Lonsdale’s Everything We Keep is this unicorn!

This is Aimee’s journey into heartbreak, grief, understanding, forgiveness and love. There everything-we-keepare two men in her heart: James, the fiancée she buried on what would have been their wedding day and Ian, the man who helps her heal. That’s it. That’s all I can tell you about the story because one more word uttered could give away too much. Everything We Keep is so well written, with a heroine who is smart, independent and capable. While opposites in many ways, the men who love her are fierce in their dedication to her happiness. The plot is fresh and unique and left me panting at the end. One of the best rides I’ve been on! And honestly, my notes on what I thought was going to happen and how things would play out were not as close to the mark as they usually are. Even at 90% completion, the ending left me in complete shock!

Amy Landon single narrates the audiobook and does so with brilliant command and performance of all the characters! She captures Aimee’s grief and anguish so beautifully that it paints a full picture in your imagination. It’s not just seeing Aimee wallowing at home, Ms. Landon makes you feel the sorrow Aimee feels as she mourns. Ms. Landon has the crazy good ability to make you feel and understand the men from their point of view. Everything We Keep is an incredible story to be read, but hearing Amy Landon’s performance truly kicks the story into another realm.

As of 12.6.16, Everything We Keep is available on Kindle Unlimited to ‘Read and Listen for Free’ with Amazon Whispersync.

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