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Hey, KUbbies and Addicts! Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + One-Click Addict!  Here are two great new books to add to your TBR today!

RATING: BUY IT {Mila} – 

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]Healing. I didn’t know what to expect from this story, but as I read and as I turned each page until I reached the end, one word kept coming to mind. Healing.

Yours to Bare is the latest story in a series of novels written by Jessica Hawkins that begins with Slip of the Tongue, where we first meet Finn. If you haven’t read Slip of the Tongue, you can certainly still read Yours to Bare, but Slip of the Tongue and The First Taste, the second book in this series of standalones, were two of my favorite reads this year and I highly suggest you read them first. Yours to Bare has now firmly taken its place on that list as well.

Yours to Bare is the story of Finn + Halston, two souls that meet as if almost by fate. Their journey is not an easy one, but it is filled with real emotion, damaged pasts and passion that will make you catch your own breath.

There are moments that Finn + Halston feel utterly destined for each other, yet almost throughout there’s a thread of uneasiness. As though them being together is as tenuous as a piece of worn string. You want them to be together. You yearn for them to find their solid ground. You hope that everything that surrounds them – work, family, the world – doesn’t consume them or take them off track to finding their forever together. You long for them to heal each other in only the way these two can.

I am utterly consumed by Ms. Hawkins’ writing, such that every time I read a new book of hers, I kick myself for not yet having made it through her back catalog. If you haven’t read the books in this series, do yourself a favor and move them to the top of your TBR.



“Ever since that fucking kiss, I’ve been thinking about you. And I need to know why.”

trick-play-320x480Man, I am a sucker for sexy M/M story—and if it includes athletes? All the better. That’s why I love the Eastshore Tigers series from Alison Hendricks so much. Trick Play (Eastshore Tigers Book 3) is the third in a series of standalones, and each one has its own charm and appeal. Plus, hot AF college football players learning something about themselves…and the world around them.

It’s no different here. When Luke + Brandon agree to pretend to be hooking up for the sake of their team—I know that sounds odd, but it reads well and makes sense, I swear!—no one knows what that’ll mean for their lifelong friendship—or their team. Except, well, I kinda did. I mean, I assumed, and my assumptions were pretty spot-on.

Yeah, I figured out pretty early what was… *ahem* …coming, but who cares? Not me, that’s for damn sure. Because the ride to get there was intense and funny (sexting, you guys—I was laughing and also completely turned on *blinks*), and their friendship made the build to their relationship that much more believable.

I kind ached a little as I read Trick Play. For both of these men, who behaved just like you might expect two well-meaning but confused young men act—headstrong, a little blind and ultimately, with their hearts in the right place. All of which made for an ending that made the ups and downs I experienced alongside them worthwhile. It was a heart-happy, feel good finish, and another reminder that when it comes to sexy M/M stories—with delicious athletes, to boot—I need look no further than this series, and this author.

‘I want more. I want to wreck him, so he doesn’t look anywhere near the composed guy he shows the rest of the world.’

 As of 12.011.16, Yours to Bare and Trick Play are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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