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Hey, KUbbies and Addicts! Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + One-Click Addict!  ‘Tis the season, so here are two great new holiday novellas to add to your TBR today!


heartsOne of the best things about the holidays is getting together with family. The fun and laughter. Cooking together, then eating all of that great food. The decorations and all of the different parties, but especially those quiet moments in the middle of the fray where you realize how lucky you are to be surrounded by all of that. For the first time that I can recall, I’m not spending the holidays with my family. Over the past few years, they’ve all moved down to Florida {from Chicago} and I am not making the trip this year. I’m truly okay with that, it was my choice, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss it.

So this year, I’m getting my dose of holiday cheer from all of these wonderful holiday novellas that have recently been released. As crazy as it may sound, Hearts Aligned (Polaris Book 4) by ME Montgomery gave me that warm, cozy feeling that one gets from celebrating with their own families.

Hearts Aligned is a second-chance romance and is the story of Melissa + Chris. Now, very often with second-chance romances, I find them somewhat implausible. I think, “Why didn’t they just talk? Clear everything up?” That definitely wasn’t the case here. The story is beautifully told and you get to understand these characters in a way that belies the length of the book.

As many good things as I’d heard about the Polaris series, this was my first foray into it—it most certainly won’t be my last. These characters burrowed their way into my heart and I can’t wait to get to know all of their stories.



 “That was worth waiting twenty-three years for.”

 Ah, second chances. I love them. And I love this series. Which means The Irishman’s Christmas Gamble (Wager of Hearts Book 2.5) should have been pretty much a sure thing for me.

And it was.

It was quick and sweet—a charming glimpse into the life of Frankie Hogan, who readers of this series will recognize as the owner of The Bellwether Club, and the woman who took the bets of Nathan, Luke and Gavin. If you’ve not read this first two books in this series, The CEO Buys In (Wager of Hearts Book 1) and The All-Star Antes Up (Wager of Hearts Book 2), you should get on that. They’re fabulous, classic billionaire stories and more than worthy of a read. However, you need not have read them to fall in love with Frankie + Liam.

irishmansBecause what’s not to love about them? They’ve a friendship that’s lasted a lifetime and a long separation, and since Christmas is the time for miracles, Liam is gambling on getting one out of the hardened Frankie. And man, it’s wonderful to watch him transform this tough, stoic woman into someone who can give and accept love without fear.

There’s something else special about this book—special enough I think it rates a mention. Neither Frankie nor Liam are young. At least, not for the book world. Frankie is 49 years old, Liam is 41. They’ve experienced much—together and separately—and that brings to this story a foundation that belies its length. Could it have been longer? Sure, absolutely. I’d have loved to delve deeper in Frankie’s past, to understand her fears. But the thing is, it didn’t need to be longer. It was just the right length for a warm, Christmassy read.

And it was just the right length to ensure my love for this series continues. No second chances required.

“It’s not a weakness to love someone.”

As of 12.18.2016, Hearts Aligned and The Irishman’s Christmas Gamble are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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