The Lessons & The Rules by Elizabeth Brown

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I have to be honest with you and tell you that as I sat down to write this review, it was the-lessonsactually a bit of a struggle. Give me a book that’s dark and twisty or heart-wrenching and angsty and I can write about it all day long. The Lessons (Off-Limits Book 1) by Elizabeth Brown, however, is none of that. It’s just really, really {I almost hate to use this word} cute—and sexy, so there’s that. There’s definitely THAT! I don’t say cute in a bad way whatsoever though. I read dozens and dozens of books that are just ok that I never review, but The Lessons isn’t one of them. For me, it definitely had that something extra that I wanted you all to know about.

The Lessons is the story of Natalie + Ryan. Natalie, a 30-year old virgin, and Ryan, a sexual surrogate. Natalie, in an effort to unburden herself of her V-card, hires Ryan, via a sexual therapist, to take care of the deed. It’s a really fun premise and Ms. Brown does a great job of taking that story and making it more than you’d anticipate. They each have deeper pasts than you’d expect, although never in a way that rips you up, and there’s a full story with colorful characters and outside goings on that the V-card storyline never feels forced or drawn out.

I really enjoyed how this story was woven and it was a really great read. I enjoyed it so much, that when I finished it earlier than expected, I immediately downloaded The Rules  (Off-Limits Book 2), the second book in the series.

the-rulesThe Rules is the story of Ainslie, Ryan’s troubled sister, + Lambo, Ryan’s best friend. As much as I liked The Lessons, I loved The Rules. It’s not just an enemies-to-lovers story and a brother’s-best-friend-little-sister story. It’s really so much more.

There is some weighty subject matter in this book – sexual abuse, trauma, depression and mental illness – but it never feels heavy. Yes, those issues are front and center at times, but just as often, the humor {this book has it in spades!}, friendship and HOLY HOT sex take over. I think it’s remarkable to have tackled such heavy issues in the way Ms. Brown did. Plus, I just adored these two characters.

Lastly, I will say that there are more than a few editing mistakes that stood out to me. I hate to call attention to that, but as much as it bothered me, don’t let that get in the way of you reading and enjoying these books.

As of 12.20.16, The Lessons & The Rules are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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