4 New KU Christmas Read Its by Christine


Christmas Candy by Celia Aaron – This was a cute short story about Hank + Olive. After crushing on each other in high school, they now own businesses across the street from each other. Olive is less than impressed with Hank’s candy store and Hank wants nothing more than to share his sweets with Olive. This was a short read that put me in the holiday spirit. The name Olive made me think immediately of Olive the Other Reindeer and made that holiday connection for me instantly. Love these stories that make me look forward to the magic of the season!


The One I Want for Christmas by Fiona Davenport – When I first looked at the page count on this book, I thought, is it possible to tell a good story in this few pages? Yes, it is! This second-chance romance story was a sweet reconnection with a lot of heat for as few pages as it was! It made me laugh that Jacob Marley was the main character.  There was definitely no scrooge element to the story though, Jacob was a giver! This was a really fast read with a fun story. I enjoyed it.


Blue Christmas by Alyson Reynolds – This was a good start to my holiday reading. It was short enough that I could read it all in one sitting, but long enough to have a good story. This story is Madelyn + Ryker’s second chance at getting things right. Madelyn heads back home after being gone for several years. When she left, she broke off her engagement with Ryker and never came back. She has returned for her best friend’s wedding and is not looking forward to seeing her past. Ryker knows he screwed up when he didn’t go after Madelyn and he has never stopped loving her. His Christmas wish is for them to pick up where they left off five years ago. Ryker has distanced himself from his family and he is ready to show Madelyn that she is everything to him. I love these second-shot-at-romance stories. The characters were fun and it was an easy read. Great short story to put me in the holiday spirit!



Dashing Through the Snow by M. Leighton – This is one of the best short stories I’ve read! I am a huge fan of reading holiday stories around the holidays. Most tend to be second chance romances or insta love. This book was a little different for me in the respect that Dilyn + Dash do fall in love quickly, but they don’t ride off into the sunset. There is a bigger conflict that may keep them apart.  Dilyn is sent to Colorado to interview Dash Grainger who is an extreme sports star. She is snowed in with him for a night and sparks fly. Her ex-boyfriend, who is her boss, shows up to take her home the next day. When she left for Colorado, she thought she was in love with her ex, but meeting Dash gave a different meaning to falling head over heals for someone. These characters were well developed for a short story and I even kind of fell for the ex! Maybe he’ll get a Valentine’s novella. Great holiday read!


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