Vicious by LJ Shen


viciousWhat is it about LJ Shen’s men that you love them and hate them all at the same time? Truly, I cannot think of another author that consistently makes me want to strangle her men, while at the same time swooning over them. They’re always deeply flawed, but deeply pained. And it’s in those flaws and in that pain that we most connect to them. To their woundedness. And yet, they are always so alpha, so hot, so effing scorchingly sexy, they make us ache for them. We want, no need, to figure them out. We crave for them to find love and hold out hope that they will find peace.

Vicious is no exception. In fact, he might just set the bar. Vicious (Sinners of Saint Book 1) is the story of Vicious + Emilia. Vicious is hurt and pained and he takes that pain and turns it outward. He’s not an easy man to love and yet throughout, you want to love him. Emilia is good in the truest sense of the word—and moral, caring, loving and selfless.

There are secrets throughout that you are given glimpses of along the way, but Vicious will test your patience in many ways. You will feel as though you are sometimes taking two steps up and one step back, and then turned around in circles, only to find you’ve moved ahead. Yes, it’s maze-like and it’s brilliantly done. You will devour this book quickly. There simply is no other way. You will need to know what’s next. You will need to know if Vicious will ever find redemption. You will simply need. And in the end, you shall receive.

As of 1.3.17, Vicious is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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