4 New KU Read Its by Christine



Drunk on Love by SL Scott – What a fun read! I love stories told from the guy’s POV. Hardy is a guy who’s had lots of hook ups over the years and he is proud of that reputation. When Virginia walks into his bar, he feels like he might break the two rules he has always had for himself: 1. Don’t get too close, and 2. Don’t fall in love. When a guy has those rules, it’s so fun to watch him struggle through what he is feeling and how to come to terms with that. Throw in the fact that the girl of his dreams wants his help to hook another guy and you have a great comedy! This was a really fun read and I was cheering Hardy on as he crushed his rules.


Coming Home by Maryann Jordan – This is a new series by Maryann Jordan and what a homerun! I have read all of her books and loved them all, so I was excited to meet a new cast of characters. We met Mitch in the Saints series, but he is now going home to Baytown to be the town sheriff. Quite a switch from his FBI job! When he returns home, he sees Tori whom he hasn’t seen since he was 18. He wanted so much more with her then, but when he returns home, and she is in town, nothing will stop him from making her his. Tori always wanted more with Mitch, too, as they grew up, but it wasn’t in the cards. Over the years, they have both grown up, so they both know they have never felt the chemistry with others that they have together. When Mitch discovers that Tori is in danger, she becomes his number one priority.  I loved meeting this new group of heroes in Baytown.  It’s romantic suspense set in a small town.  I can’t wait to get to know the Boys of Baytown! Great new series!


Tempest by Lea Hart – This series continues to get better and better. Lea Hart has each book as a standalone, but you see a lot of the same memorable characters you’ve met in previous books. I love that! You can pick up the book though, and not be lost if you haven’t read the other books. In Tempest, Ryan + Ivy get their shot at love. Ryan is looking to settle into the security business that Ivy works for. When Ivy’s life is in danger, there is no where he wants to be other than to watch over her and make sure nothing hurts her. He will stop at nothing to protect her. This is another great romantic suspense book in the series. Good read!


Strike Back by Beth Rhodes – This was the first book I’ve read by this author and I’m excited to continue with this series. Nathan Hawkins (Hawk) is a retired Marine and he owns Hawk Elite Security with his wife Stacy. They have been together for twenty years.  Hawk gets some unsettling news from his doctor and can’t help but wonder if Stacy would have a better life without him. He loves her enough to let her go. Stacy wants nothing more than the closeness she’s had with her husband for many years. She will do anything to get it back. When he starts to pull away, will she be able to convince him that he is enough no matter what his health issues are?  I love when characters are a little older and settled into life. It’s more relatable for me. Stacy + Nate have a strong marriage, but after so many years, communication is failing. This is a great story about finding your way back together and fighting for love. Marriage is hard and I love these stories that remind us of that.

As of 1.5.17, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.



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