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Hey, KUbbies and Addicts! Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + One-Click Addict.  This week we have two great new Buy Its to add to your TBR!


How do you measure the weight of a whisper?

everafteroverWhen Low Over High (Over Duet Book 1) by JA Derouen came out, Robyn read it and immediately named it one of her top five reads of the year. I wanted to read it desperately, but since I couldn’t review it, sadly it moved down my TBR list. It was always assumed that Robyn would read and review Ever Over After (Over Duet Book 2) as well, but when Robyn started Angelically Devilish reviews and was strictly reviewing audio for KUBR, I excitedly claimed it as mine. Almost immediately, I knew why Robyn loved it so much. It wasn’t just the story and it wasn’t just the characters and it wasn’t just the writing. It was all of those things together—in spades.

I wanted to stop and write down what I was thinking and feeling the moment I finished Low Over High but the need to keep reading wouldn’t let me go. So I simply listened to that need and kept going. Gutted. Curious. Sad. Hopeful. All of those feelings and more gripped my heart as I dove into book two of the Duet series, Ever Over After.

I’m not always a fan of cliffies. Not only because I have a crap memory and don’t trust myself to remember the finer details, but also because I often feel like it ends because there’s a big question mark. A dan-duh-dah {said before they reveal the villain in a murder mystery} moment that ends the story, begging you to ask what’s next. And while you most certainly need to know what’s next, I will say that this was easily one of the best cliffies that I’ve ever read. It was still a wholly complete story. If it ended here, I would have wanted to know what the future held, but I would have felt complete in where I was at. Thank goodness, though, that wasn’t where it ended.

lowoverhighBoth books tell the story of Everett + Marlo, otherwise known as Ever + Low. Two souls who are truly destined for each other. You ache for these two and desperately want them to find their solid ground. Their very own personal HEA. But this is a tough road and there are never any guarantees. Ever Over After picks up eight years after Low Over High ends and eight years, while it can pass in the blink of an eye, can also be a lifetime to overcome.

I’m so tempted to give you more background, but I went into these blind and didn’t read the blurb for Low Over High until I was 50% in. I’m so thankful that I did. Some books deserve that and truly are all the more special for it. Do yourself that same favor and just jump in. I promise you will enjoy the ride.


“Just because I’m a book nerd doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate highly aggressive sports.”

And just because I’ve not yet had the pleasure of reading the Clipped Wings series by Helena Hunting doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the hell out of a novella that brings it together with the hilarious and sexy PUCKED series.

getinkedYou guys, it’s pretty damn simple—get Get Inked (A PUCKED Series & Clipped Wings Crossover), and get it NOW. It’s fun and fresh, and made me laugh out loud. It was brilliant, actually. A real treat to be back in the lives and minds of some of my favorite hockey players and their outlandish, slightly crazy women—and to meet the intense, sexy Inked Armor crew.

Ms. Hunting does an amazing job of weaving the perspectives of Randy + Lily and Hayden + Tenley together, while also giving readers POVs from other favorites—something I think readers of both series will appreciate. I know I sure did. And with these alternating POVs, Get Inked was just the right level of everything. Sex, humor, Violet-style ridiculousness. Not to mention the sweet feels *and* the sweet set-up for upcoming stories from Ms. Hunting.

For which, PS, I cannot wait. LANCE, you guys. If you don’t know what I mean, then you need to get started on the PUCKED series, and soon. Or, you could be like me, and give your one-click finger a workout getting the Clipped Wings series on your Kindle ASAFP.

Either way, I’m confident that, if you’re new to one or both of these series, you won’t be for long. Because there are tattooed men and sassy women just waiting for your love.

“Your tattoos have nothing to do with why I love you. They’re just a bonus.”

As of 01.08.17, Low Over High, Ever Over After and Get Inked are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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