Icing On the Date & Skirting the Ice by Jennie Marts

Icing On the Date: Read It
Skirting the Ice: Buy It

Give me an O. Give me a W. Give me an E.N. And give him to me. NOW. ~ Icing On the Date

ba477-jenniemarts_icingonthedate2_1400pxWhen I was scouring Amazon in search of a quick, sweet and sexy read and happened upon the books that make up the Bannister Brothers series, I knew I needed to read them. One, because I’m really into hockey books—not that I even watch hockey—and two, because I’ve read several books now by Jennie Marts, and enjoyed them all. There’s something so very easy about reading a book by Ms. Marts. They’re not overly angsty or steeped in drama. They’re fun and flirty, and they have handsome, kind, soft-on-the-inside men like these Bannister boys, who steal hearts and panties like it’s their job.

So, I’ll start with this simple fact: Icing On the Date (Bannister Brothers Book 1) was a great read. A wonderful opener to the series which made me excited to read more. Gabby + Owen made me laugh, smile and swoon. The writing was engaging, the story lovely but not taxing, their meet-cute funny, yummy and unique. It’s a book that is very easy to get lost in and fall in love with, what with its gruff, explosive hero and hard-working heroine, and by the time I finished it, I simply couldn’t wait to see what came next for the delightful Bannister brothers.

Which was why I dove straight into the next book (after also grabbing the novella, Worth the Shot, which is sandwiched by books one and two—and is itself a steamy, fun and quick Read It). And Skirting the Ice (Bannister Brothers Book 2) blew me away with the nerdy goodness that was Jack Bannister.

d6a5f-skirting2bthe2bice_coverY’all, this book was SO FREAKIN’ ADORABLE, I can’t even. Unlike his brothers, hockey stars Owen and Bane, Jack was geeky, dorky and much more level-headed. Except when it comes to Murphy, the girl next door. He was so taken with her, and I was so taken with them, that I had to pause several times to message a fellow nerd-loving friend to gush and pressure her into downloading it ASAP.

Skirting the Ice might have come with a healthy dose of intrigue and mystery, which was a real treat, but mostly, it simply came with feels and funny moments and insecurities that made me all kinds of swoony over Jack + Murphy.

And his brothers.
And this series.

“Sorry. That’s pretty nerdy, huh? It’s gotta be so sexy to take your top off and have a guy have an asthma attack just from looking at you.”
If you only knew
. ~ Skirting the Ice

As of 01.10.17, Icing On the Date, Worth the Shot & Skirting the Ice are available on Kindle Unlimited

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