Love in Rewind by Tali Alexander


love-in-rewindLove in Rewind by Tali Alexander is the kind of book I think of when I think of a classic romance novel. Sweeping, all-consuming love, the wealth, travel and everything that comes along with that lifestyle and privilege, except for one thing: instead of your normal boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, there’s some drama, but then they find their HEA, we start out with Emily + Louis already married for over a decade, with two children and on the verge of their marriage falling apart.

There’s something that happens as a reader when we read a story knowing it will come to a crisis point. It makes the good times almost that much sweeter, but it also leaves us looking for clues as to how and why they eventually come to that.

When we meet Emily + Louis, Emily is 29 and Louis is 40. Not much of a stretch. However, when we go back in time, Emily is only 18 and Louis 29. While her age sometimes made me do a double-take {the sex in this book is extremely hot}, and theirs is an insta-love, there’s something about the two of them together that just worked for me – and I believe that something is Beshert. In the Jewish faith, there’s a word, Beshert. In the simplest of terms, your Beshert is your soulmate. Emily + Louis are Jewish and recognize each other as their Beshert. Maybe it’s the romantic in me, maybe it’s hearing my parents and grandparents talking about their Besherts, but there’s something about seeing it in a modern, contemporary romance that I really connected with.  I’m Jewish, albeit non-practicing, and yet, I really connected to the bits of knowledge scattered throughout that I could relate to – the chuppah {the wedding canopy under which a couple stands when they get married}, the love of Christmas trees {LOL} and, of course, Beshert. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a Jewish novel ~ there are just little bits and pieces that made me smile.

Something else I connected to beyond all of that? Emily and her best friend, Sara, are obsessed with 80’s music. They even have their own “language” where they use song titles to communicate. As a child of the 80s, this couldn’t have made me happier!

Let me take one step back regarding the sex in this book. Emily is 18 when they meet and a virgin and I have to say, the way that Ms. Alexander handled that was exceptional. Especially given Louis is much older and undeniably more experienced. Their physical relationship and its trajectory absolutely worked and made their emotional relationship all the more believable. While I enjoyed these two characters and their destined love, I do have to say that they are both very privileged, which can sometimes make their struggles, and yes, even their selfishness, a bit difficult to sympathize with. I recognize for some people, they just won’t connect to or relate to them or some of the drama that unfolds, however, I still very much enjoyed them and will definitely read books two and three in this series, Lies in Rewind and Lost in Rewind, even if they weren’t available on KU. However, all three books do come together in one volume available on Kindle Unlimited.

Lastly, I have to mention the audiobook. When reading Love in Rewind, I switched back and forth between reading and listening. Love in Rewind is done with dual-narration. Not simply the male or female reading their respective chapters {the story is almost exclusively told from Emily’s POV}, but the dialogue is actually voiced by the individual character. The narration on this audio was un-effing-believable and Louis’ part {and voice!} is scorching hot! In fact, after I finished the book, I got into my car and it automatically started where I’d last left off on the audio {it does have whispersync, but I hadn’t told it whether to skip ahead or not, so it just started playing} and even though I’d already finished the book, I continued to listen to it – it’s THAT good! If you are an audio fan, or even if you aren’t, I highly, highly recommend the audio version of this.

As of 1.12.17, Love in Rewind: The Complete Series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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