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Hey, KUbbies and Addicts! Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + One-Click Addict.  This week we have two hilarious new books to add to your TBR!


Oh, how I needed this book! Whether you’ve just read a string of angsty, rip-your-heart-out reads {like I had} or found yourself on the other end  of a litany of so-so reads, The Mother Road by Meghan Quinn is the answer to the age old question, “What should I read next?” Even if you’ve just read an amazing lineup of books, that should still be the answer to your question.


I’ve known of Meghan Quinn for some time now, but since her recent announcement that her entire {!!!} catalog is now available on KU, it was finally my time to jump in. Both Christine and Beth are huge fans and I simply couldn’t wait to begin. Beth recommended The Mother Road, and I’ll admit, my first instinct was that it was a book about motherhood. I love kids but don’t have any, and books about motherhood generally aren’t my thing. Single dads? Yeah, I’m ok with those. 😉

Instead, The Mother Road is the story of Marley, her brother, Paul, their dad, Bernie, and Porter {le sigh} — childhood neighbor, second son, Paul’s best friend, and the man responsible for Marley’s heartbreak four years prior. Paul is getting married and the three {bearded *sigh*} men surprise Marley in LA, where she lives, with a weeklong road trip back to New York, where they grew up, for the wedding.

That’s it. That’s all I’m telling you. Why? Because this book will keep you entertained and wanting more with each page you turn. Be prepared though — you WILL laugh out loud. Literally laugh out loud. Repeatedly. The dynamics between each of the characters, the antics raised, the trip you take along with them, UGH, it’s just so damn good! I literally found myself cutting and pasting excerpts and sending them to Beth throughout my read. The way Ms. Quinn spins her words — she is so unique and so funny and, truth be told, she isn’t afraid to go there with her humor. From gastrointestinal to sexual to the ultra embarrassing, she goes there and doesn’t let up. Truly though, she does it in the most remarkable way that will always leave you smiling.

And I simply loved her characters. Each and every one of them. Paul and Bernie don’t feel like peripherals to flesh out the story. They are truly just as much a part of the story as Marley + Porter.

Go fall in love with all of them now!


“This brie is amazing.” She smeared some on a cracker, then looked up at him. “So how about you?”
“I don’t know that I’d call myself amazing, but I try.”

I love a book that makes me laugh, which is why I’ve become a fan of Tawna Fenske. There’s something in her brand of humor that just works for me. It’s a very real kind of funny—the kind borne of banter and silly business and a touch of Dad Joke. It’s charming, it’s playful, it’s fun, and that’s exactly what I was looking for when I picked up About That Fling.


Having just finished a book that wrecked me (in the best way, of course), I wanted something light and non-taxing and while that description fits this book, it also doesn’t do it justice. This sweet romance is actually a deep story of friendship, failed relationships, moving on and learning to communicate. It’ll make you laugh, I have no doubt, but it’ll also make you think.

I’m still thinking about it, TBH. Thinking about how much I loved the happiness that cloaked Adam + Jenna, even when they struggled with the outside pressures in their fledgling attraction. And those pressures? Very real. Very human. Very… normal. Not every relationship is ripped abs and perfect teeth and smooth sailing, no matter how much we’d like it to be, and About That Fling demonstrates that with quirky humor, flirty banter and intense character connections.

To be sure, there’s a lot of coincidence that goes into making this story possible, but it works. It makes sense and it adds another level of feeling to a book that seems to have it in spades. And while I desperately wish it had been a touch longer, I read this book with unwavering attention and a desperate need to know what came next, how all the pieces would fall, and just how much Ms. Fenske could make me laugh.

“Just be yourself.”
“Yeah, but which self? The professional self who stoically holds it together in business meetings about illicit penis pictures, or the self who gets giddy on wine at girls’ night?”

As of 01.15.17, The Mother Road and About That Fling are available on Kindle Unlimited

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