Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin



I’d been told by so many people to read Lex Martin. Friends that adored her and her work; author friends that knew and spoke of her. I had literally downloaded the Dearest Series box set three times, and yet, each time, returned it unread. I think the idea that I had to read all three books was daunting given how long and ever-growing my TBR is. However, last week, Beth mentioned the series in a post on her blog, Panda & Boodle, and said how much she adored it. She assured me I could just read book one, Dearest Clementine, and move on {as if, lol}, so I downloaded it yet again.

Almost immediately, I was in love. Why? Because Clementine + Gavin are students at Boston University, my alma mater. And not only are they students there, but Gavin is an RA in the building I resided in my freshman year — Tower A of Warren Towers. Now, one certainly doesn’t have to have that connection to love this book, but of course, that touched me in a very personal way. Forgetting all of that, here’s why you’ll love it…

Dearest Clementine is the story of Clementine + Gavin. Clementine, or Clem, is a complicated, seemingly charmed character who would be so easy to dislike if you didn’t fall in love with her so quickly. She’s beautiful, smart, snarky, a hard worker and talented. Given certain experiences in her past, she doesn’t date.

Enter Gavin — gorgeous, smart, funny and sweet. He seems to break through Clem’s barriers one by one and it’s truly a joy to watch. I will say, that in general, when a relationship is set up this way, it’s rarely believable. This aspect, and so many others in this book {there’s a whole sub-plot of intrigue}, all just worked. Yes, some of the story line is fanciful, but it is all utterly believable. I read this story straight through in an afternoon and it kept my attention the entire time. I never found my mind wandering or pulled away.

Now to the two books Beth said I didn’t have to read. I’m pretty sure she knew that if I read the first book in the series, I wouldn’t be able to stop. And she’s right. As soon as time allows, I will absolutely be reading Finding Dandelion and Kissing Madeline. One thing I haven’t mentioned thus far is Clementine’s incredible group of friends. They truly are an amazing bunch and the next two books in the series feature her twin brother, Jax, and her other friends. I know I’m being vague, but trust me on this — you don’t want to know who’s featured in the latter book until you finish Dearest Clementine.

One plus — all three books are available in one download on KU in the Dearest Series box set. Download it now and enjoy them all!

As of 1.26.17, Dearest Series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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