KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Hey KUbbies and Addicts! Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, we have two amazing new Buy Its for you to dive into. Enjoy!


When I first read 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton, I was immediately smitten. It was a memoir and I remember almost not believing that she was real. I even said as much in my review, LOL. Then, I connected with her on Facebook and saw all the things that I loved about the book — the laughter, the swoon-worthy men, the embarrassingly cringe-worthy moments, the realness — come across time and again. I met her {and her husband, Ken} this past December at The Bookworm Box and she was just as endearing. But having read 44 Chapters so long ago, I’d forgotten how much I loved her writing. Skin was the perfect reminder of that.


For those who have read 44 Chapters, Skin is the story of BB + Knight, the not-racist-but-hates-all-people skinhead that BB fell for at the age of fifteen. Her first love. {For those that haven’t, this truly is a standalone and you can feel totally confident jumping right in. That said, I loved 44 Chapters and highly recommend that as well.} As BB points out, Skin is part memoir, part work of fiction, but to me, it was all glorious. BB has an incredible way of capturing the feelings and thoughts of her 15-year-old self. To capture all of the angst, uncertainty, selfish-yet-understandable moments, naive-yet-fearless actions, the roller coaster of emotions, the gravity of high school — all of it, was utterly engrossing.

44 Chapters is about four men — the fourth being her husband, Ken, so we know that things end for her and Knight. But knowing that and experiencing it in full detail are worlds apart. This, BB at fifteen, is a world that I’m thrilled that I got to experience and I know you will too.


“I want the butterfly-infested romance from the books I read.”


Chased is butterfly-infested romance bundled together with a little heartbreak (and a few tears), and some seriously epic, bust-your-gut-laughing humor. Like, real-life, did I just say that?! *and* ugh, that’s such a man thing moments that had me cackling. Which, TBH, made those deeper, far more emotional turns so much easier to navigate.

You guys, this isn’t a book that’s jam-packed with angst (though it does have some very raw moments), but neither is it all over-the-top hilarity. And while it could be argued that some moments fell on the too perfect side and some didn’t quite have the resolution that might have been expected, for me, those small flaws took absolutely nothing away from the overall charm of this book.

Because it’s all about balance, and Hazel James found a way to mix elements of butterflies and fairytales into a story that looks at the very real consequences of heartbreak, loss and fear. It’s a balance that shows that life, like a tornado, can spin out of control and unpredictably in any direction it wants to; you just have to hold on and take cover. And it does it so damn well.

Immediately, with a reference to one of my favorite books on the first page, Ms. James won me over, and she continued to do so throughout, not only with the little romance Easter Eggs (which made my secret smile come out), but with heart and humor and a sparkling chemistry between DH + Paige that, for me, hit all the right buttons.

Lustworthy, bruised hero… check.
Sassy, hopeful heroine… check.
Awkward banter… check.
Winsome secondary characters… check.
A touch of mystery and intrigue… check.
Love that made my heart smile… double check.

Honestly, it’s hard to tell you how much I truly enjoyed reading this book; I simply can’t do it justice. Instead, I suggest you chase it down and capture those butterflies for yourself.

I am a mosaic, pieced together with glue and guilt, and somehow she seeped inside and repaired all of my broken parts.

 As of 01.29.2017, 44 Chapters About 4 Men and Chased are available on Kindle Unlimited. Skin is currently available for pre-order and will be available to KU readers on 02.02.2017.

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