4 New KU Read Its by Christine


Screwmates by Kayti McGee—If you are looking for a book that will have you laughing out loud through the whole thing, then this is the read for you. From the first page, I laughed nonstop at Madison + Marc’s story.  Madison finds herself in need of a place to live after her friends all bailed on living with her. Her friend Ava, has the perfect solution—her cousin Marc needs a roommate.  Madison + Marc go for months without talking and then one night they hang out together. Wine does funny things to a person and it definitely loosened up Marc + Madison! Before long, they decide to be screwmates so they both can get some experience in the bedroom.  There are so many laugh out loud moments as these two navigate sexy times. If you love to laugh, this is a great read. So much fun!


Zero F#cks by LK Collins—I love second chance love stories.  Nixon + Cameron gave me a really good one. Cameron + Nixon grew up together. They were inseparable along with her older brother, Connor. Cameron + Nixon always talked about their futures and what they would look like for them. Then one day, Nixon told her he was leaving for the armed forces and Connor was coming with. He didn’t want her to wait for him, so he told her to move on. Now, several years later, Nixon gets assigned to Cameron’s coast guard team. Nixon has had a hard time getting back into civilian life and doesn’t care about anything. He sleeps, drinks and sleeps around. When he walks back into Cameron’s life, she is blindsided. All of the feelings and memories she has repressed come raging back. She has tried to move on and even recently started something with her friend, Luke. But Luke isn’t Nixon. When she gives in to the desire to reconnect with Nixon, there is no going back. Everything happens for a reason, and I believe that Nixon comes back to Cameron at a time when she needs him most. I really like Cameron’s tight knit band of friends and would love to see Luke find his happily ever after. This was a good read.


Tough Luck by Liv Morris—Football superstar Bryce Luck is waiting until he is retired to settle down and start a family. That is until he is paired with reporter Amelia Adams to do a show to sell some football tickets! Bryce has disliked Amelia for the last year since she ran a report that labeled him as washed up. When they meet at a pool party, sparks fly as they both fall into the pool. This book was a good story of a couple who didn’t like each other much to going to great lengths to protect the other person. I laughed at some of Amelia’s antics like her dick pics. So funny! That moment in the book is classic. I loved to watch Bryce fall in love with Amelia and let go of the hate he had for her. She was his match in every way. I enjoyed this read.


Falling for the Babysitter by Penny Wylder—If you love a short, steamy insta-love book, you will love this book. Remy grew up lusting after Deacon. She was his neighbor and 12 years his junior. He was the hot older guy next store. When Deacon got married and moved away, nothing really seemed right in her life. Then, one day he was back with his daughter.  As Remy spends time with Deacon’s daughter, she is intrigued with Deacon’s obvious lust for her. Perhaps the attraction isn’t as one-sided as it once was. Remy + Deacon fall hard and fast for each other.  I like a little bit more story than what I had here, but the characters were fun and the scenes were hot.

As of 1.31.17, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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