Million Baller Baby by Rie Warren


Done. Panties destroyed. Ovary explosion. Just plain Gah all over the place.

You know, it’s awfully convenient that Rie Warren basically wrote my review for me. Because that quote up there? It perfectly sums up Million Baller Baby (Bad Boy Ballers Book 1), a sexy AF second chance romance and Holy crap, that hot-as-hell QB is amazing with kids, kill me now romance. (<- Totally a sub-genre.)


Not gonna lie, I love Ms. Warren. Her Carolina Bad Boys series perfectly blends humor, alpha male heat and delicious smut, and that’s on display again in this new series. While not perfect—I found Peyton a little too brash at first, and it took me some time to warm to her—and maybe a teensy bit uneven in places, on the whole, this is one hell of a good book.

Why? Well…

Rafe Macintyre. That’s a good start. He is, of course, hella HAWT, completely alpha and slightly OTT (in the best way, of course). He’s also not afraid of a strong, take-charge woman, which is just YASSSSS.

Then, there’s Phil. She may not be a major character, but she’s a scene-stealer and absolutely a blast. Also, freakin’ funny.

Plus, the Carolina Crush boys. This team gels and gels well. They’re a little hodge-podge and a lot of fun, and Akoni? That emotional bastard… I love him. I can’t wait for more of this team.

And finally, Cal. I won’t say more than that. Just Cal. You’ll see, when you get your hands on this adorable, fast-paced, red-hot read. Which you should do, ASAP.

Being with him tonight could be the second biggest mistake of my life, but I was tired of playing by the rules.
Besides . . . his bedroom eyes.
Should be criminal.

As of 02.07.2017, Million Baller Baby and the Carolina Bad Boys Series are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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