A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart


Have you ever picked up a book and felt like you were reliving a part of your past? The writing so good and the emotions pouring off the page, were the same feelings you had years ago? A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart took me back to an incredibly difficult time ina-thousand-letters my life and through the characters, I relived all the pain that I went through when I lost my dad to cancer 12 years ago. This book is written with so much emotion that it literally transported me to my parents’ house all those years ago as we discussed hospice options and what would happen as my dad’s life was winding down. I cried with siblings Wade, Sophie and Sadie as they came to the cruel reality that they were losing their dad and their lives would never be the same. My heart broke for them as they went through the hardest thing I personally have ever had to go through.

With the pain and heartbreak, comes a second chance for Wade + Elliott. Seven years ago, Wade asked Elliott to marry him and come away with him as he left for the Army. Elliott was only 17 at the time, and didn’t think she could leave her family. The decision to stay behind destroyed the relationship between them and they hadn’t talked since. Elliott wrote letters to Wade that went unanswered, her heart breaking each time she didn’t receive a response. Wade wrestled with the regret of walking away from her, his life never moving forward.

With death, comes new life. Such is the circle of life. When Wade comes home to deal with his father’s terminal cancer, he and Elliott reconnect. Wade’s dad gives him sage advice, which he takes it to heart. He wants to live the life his dad wants for him. He desires nothing more than to take that second shot at a life with Elliott. I look at my last conversations with my dad, and I know that I live each day and think of him and how he would have lived.

This was such a heartbreaking story for me because it was deeply personal having gone through something similar myself. It was so well written and I read with tears most of the time. I fell in love with Wade + Elliott as they made their way back to one another and took to heart what Wade’s father had seen all along. A definite must read.

As of 2.9.17, A Thousand Letters is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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