4 New KU Read Its


Heya, KUbbies! Today, Christine and I are sharing the Read Its. Hope you find some good reads in the bunch!


Saviour by Andie M. Long {Christine}—I have read a lot of Andie’s books and they have all been light and fun for the most part. This book was a complete 180 of anything else I’ve read by her and what a thrill ride! This book is dark and some of the scenes were pretty graphic and hard to read, but the story was so good. I read this novel in one sitting, because I couldn’t put it down. Eden, who has virtually no family, goes to work as a housekeeper for a couple.  After a few months of working with the couple, she is kidnapped. The last person to have seen her was a one night stand she had several months ago, but he could never get Eden off his mind. Xavier works tirelessly with Eden’s friend Kara to find her or at least get answers to her disappearance. This book was hard for me to read in places, but the story had me riveted to the pages. The love story that evolves is one of patience and love after a tremendously horrendous experience. Definitely a good read.


Filthy Scrooge by Taryn Quinn {Christine}—This was a fun holiday read. I did read this book after the holidays, but it took me right back to the holiday spirit I enjoyed the month before. Kandy Kane has a hot dance with a mystery man at a night club. When she shows up the next day at the party she is planning, she is stunned to see that the CEO is the hot guy from the night before. Lincoln hasn’t liked Christmas for years. He retreats to his cabin and drinks his way through the holiday. When he meets Kandy, he has all sorts of wicked thoughts. This was a hot hook-up, instalove story and a quick read.  I would definitely recommend this book to put you in the holiday spirit or when you are looking for a little holiday magic.


Honey Bee by Heather Shere {Mila}—Do you ever finish a book and think to yourself, “Aw, that was really sweet?” Sometimes, I almost feel like that’s a criminal thing to say in the genre. Like if it didn’t rip your heart to shreds, it’s somehow not something to tell all of your friends about. Well, that’s how I felt when I finished Honey Bee. It was sweet and perfect and while I might not have an essay to reflect on my experience, in this case, I believe one paragraph is all that I need to tell you to go and download this today. It’s a lovely story that has wonderful characters and a really great pace. It’s got its ups and downs, so you’ll never be bored, but it’s never too much or contrived. It’s just as sweet and perfect as honey.


Heart of Gold by Frankie Love {Mila}—Heart of Gold, the story of Ava Grace + Samson, is the consummate romance novel. It’s sweet and sexy and has the kind of perfection that only happens between the pages of a book. Sometimes I want dark, twisty and full of angst, but when I want Romance with a capital R, this is the kind of story I want. Ava is cute and funny and utterly lovable. She loves love and I found that incredibly endearing. Samson is a reclusive mountain main, but oh, so much more. If you’re looking to fall in love, you’ll adore Heart of Gold.

As of 2.16.17, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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