KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Hey there KUbbies and Addicts! It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews and the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, I have two sweet, sexy and super fast Read Its to add to your TBR.


 “I know you think you’re irresistible, Mr. Hot Stuff.”

A tattooed, Scottish, bad boy firefighter? Pretty damn irresistible, if you think about it. An independent, shy, blind librarian? Intriguing and unique; a heroine you can root for. A bachelor auction gone wrong? Adorable romance just waiting to happen.

That pretty much sums up Mr. Hot Stuff, a lovely small town story from author Lauren Hawkeye. It’s a quick and easy, sweet and sexy read; a fun piece of fluff that’ll keep you interested, make you smile and capture your heart.

Big fire flame as the abstract background

Bren + Marjorie (not a name you hear in romance, but it works for her) are opposites that attract. I loved how they connected—the way Bren saw her (pardon the pun), despite her disability, the way she found her trust in him. Their love was simple, which was kind of perfect for them; with Marjorie’s blindness and Bren’s Bren-ness, they didn’t need crazy drama. They had my interest by virtue of being an unusual, but very right coupling.

So, why not Buy It? Honestly, Mr. Hot Stuff had some editing issues that I found a little distracting. Small errors—missing letters, misspelled words—and one instance were there seemed to be an awkward break, like a sentence was missing. It was a little frustrating, but ultimately, not even close to enough to make me want to stop reading.

That’s how enjoyable this story was. Between Bren + Marjorie, Pete + Annabeth, and all the moments of love, uses of the word lass (*sigh*) and just general small town likability, Mr. Hot Stuff was full to the brim with good things, and ultimately, that is pretty damn irresistible.

“I haven’t had enough. I don’t think I’ll ever have enough.”


“If it’s meant to be, you’ll find the man who has the matching half to your heart.”

As far as delicious, decadent reads go, How Sweet It Is is a damn fine example. When I went through the Kindle Unlimited library in search of something quick, something sexy and something adorable, I stumbled upon this one—and it certainly lived up to its sweet name!


Rebecca + Spencer are so good together. On the surface, their love might seem fast—their story takes place over the course of a weekend—but their background makes it seem deeper, more possible. Plus, there’s a little bit of added whimsy, which makes How Sweet It Is that much more playful and flirty.

This is a drama-and-angst free fairytale, complete with a slightly-geeky billionaire trying to win the affections of an older (which is YASSSS) woman, a picturesque setting, some chocolate-y goodness and just enough sweetness to make it worthy of an hour or so of your time. So, if you—like me—are on the hunt for a book that’ll make you happy in one hundred pages or less, then I suggest you sample this one. It might just melt in your mouth…

“I want you, because you’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman, and more.”

As of 02.19.2017, Mr. Hot Stuff and How Sweet It Is are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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