After You by Stephanie Rose


After You is quintessential Stephanie Rose and I love every single thing about this book—the delicious men, their words that makes you smile wistfully, the sadness overcome by the possibility of the new.

After You is the story of Ellie + Nick. Ellie is mom to six-year-old, Jack, petite, strong-willed and a still-grieving widow six years after her husband’s death. Nick is a firefighter 51rodxs1njland moved back to New York when he found out his father, a firefighter that was one of the first responders on 9/11, got lung cancer from the exposure. A strong family man, Nick stayed in New York after his passing. Having met at their mutual friends’ wedding five years prior, they meet up again when Nick takes on the role of den leader in Jack’s scout group.

The slow dance between these two is excruciatingly sweet. Watching Ellie trust herself enough to move forward. One step up and two steps back. Cheering on Nick as he slowly finds his way into her heart. Those moments that make you swoon and laugh and root for Ellie to allow the love in. Delighting in the bond between Ellie and her son, Jack, and watching Nick bring out the best in him and the two of them forming their own special bond.

The experience was full of pain, grief and sadness, yet overflowing with love, joy and hope. After You was also hot and steamy, with loads of laughter and sweet, sweet smiles. I can’t recall the last book I read that made me feel and want so much for the characters to find love in each other.

I love the way Stephanie Rose writes and builds a world you become so utterly invested in. If she’s a new-to-you author, After You will be a wonderful introduction to her writing. If you’ve read her before, After You will undoubtedly become one of your favorites—it is mine.

As of 2.23.17, After You is available on Kindle Unlimited. 

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