Grip by Kennedy Ryan


There are some books you read and you know, with everything that’s in you, no matter how much you want to, that when you sit down to write your review, you will never do that51np-mel0l book justice. Grip by Kennedy Ryan is that book.

Grip is more than a contemporary romance novel in so many ways. As a romance novel, it is utter perfection. From the prequel Flow through the epilogue of Grip, it is one of the finest romances I’ve ever read. Ever.

I went in blind and didn’t even read the blurb, so imagine my surprise when I realized that this was the story of Bristol + Grip from the Soul Series. {Those that have read the Soul Series might think I’m crazy, but I never made the connection.} I was excited and perhaps a bit unsure of what I would find. I thought I knew their story. Somewhat. I didn’t. Not by a million-yard long shot.

51i8w42fqalThe way these two books are crafted, from the time Grip + Bristol meet until the very last page, is so spectacular, so deeply moving, so unbelievably heartfelt and beautiful, it will leave you breathless. There are so many levels on which this novel touches, I can’t possibly convey how deeply I was affected by this story. Even saying ‘story’ makes me feel like I’ve lessened the experience in some way, because there is so much of our world today woven in between these pages—race relations, poverty and privilege, celebrity, social media, social constructs, social norms—that I found myself lost and found in moments throughout. At times I felt naive, at times I felt outraged. At times I was in the throes of sorrow, yearning, angst and joy. Ultimately, I felt connected—to the story, to the characters, to the journey. And when, as a reader, we experience connection, there are no limits to that experience.

I am not a re-reader, but I know in my heart I will read this again. It may be early in the year, but I know without a doubt that this will be one of my top reads of 2017, if not THE top read.

As of 3.2.17, Grip is available on Kindle Unlimited.

NOTE: Flow, the prequel to Grip {which you must read first}, is not KU, but is free on all platforms. 

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