Risk and Reward by Rachael Duncan


I’m a piece of debris lost at sea with no direction as I bounce around with each wave that passes by.

It’s been a rough week, y’all. I’ve been adrift, lost in this book slump that’s had me opening and closing books like I’m going for some kind of world record, and it’s messing with my head.

That is, until I opened this book.


This book is Risk and Reward by Rachael Duncan. It’s a captivating and heartbreaking look at a marriage that’s crumbled from neglect, and the pain and regret and doubt that follows. There’s a lot of truth in this book, painful though it might be at times, and for me, it was all too real. I recognized in this book my insecurities, my worries, my stresses, and it made reading it hard in some ways.

But utterly wonderful in others.

Ms. Duncan did a fantastic job of capturing a snapshot of imperfect life, and she added to it suspense and drama, which keep me on the proverbial edge of my seat, my heart pumping and my senses tingling. My whole self invested in the outcome.

And what an outcome it was. I couldn’t have asked for an ending that soothed my soul better. There is not much more I can say without spoilers, and I’m not going there, so just… trust me.

Trust me when I say that this book is one you should be one-clicking. It’s smart, sexy, fast-paced and unique. A different take on romance—a view of life after the blush of love begins fade—and one that had the power to pull me out of a funk and into the world of Charlotte + her future, her fears, her choices and her regrets.

If you’ve not read Ms. Duncan, this is a great place to start. Although these characters first appear in Calculated Risk (which is itself a wonderful book), it is a complete standalone and a fab introduction to an author whose books just speak to me—from the blurbs to the covers to all the words in between—even when I’m adrift.

I’ve been lying to myself every day, but there’s one truth I can finally admit to myself.
I miss him.

 As of 03.07.2017, Risk and Reward is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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