4 New KU Read Its



Switch by Adriana Locke — Another great Landry story! Graham has always been the broody older brother. He likes everything neat and orderly and put safely into a box. When Mallory shows up to work for him, his perfect world becomes messy and he starts to lose control. Mallory was finally taking her life back. She wasn’t going to settle anymore and she was going to take charge of her life and figure out what it was she wanted to do with it.  When Mallory and Graham give into their feelings the chemistry between them is hot! I love the Landry brothers. In Switch we get to catch up with Barrett and Lincoln as well and of course Ford, the fourth brother who we will hear about later. Such a great read. I love these characters. Adriana does a great job with the character development and creating people who you love to laugh and cry with. You get to experience all of the emotions in Switch. Great read!


Modern Girl’s Guide to Office Romance by Gina Drayer — I have read the other Modern Girl books and I was always interested in Jason and hoping that he would get a divorce from his horrible wife and find true love. I couldn’t have been happier when he connected with Kira. What started as a one night stand, leads to a romance that Jason + Kira never saw coming. Kira is a strong woman who excels at her job and is a single parent to a teen with a disability. She takes care of everyone, but there is no one to take care of her. Jason falls for Kira after their one night together and when he arrives at his new job, to see her there, he knows that the one night will never be enough. He wants to be the one that she can lean on. Jason has done a lot of growing up and is ready to settle down. He falls in love with not only Kira, but her daughter Riley as well. I love to reconnect with the other characters from this series as well. It was a good read.


Relentless River by Lindsay Cross — This series never disappoints me. This book can be read as a stand alone. Bo Lawson is the sexy sheriff in town who likes all things under his control. Cheri is the bar manager who is somewhat of a carefree spirit and no one controls her. Bo fights his attraction to Cheri, but when Cheri is in danger, he needs to protect her at any cost. This series continues to be one big thrill ride! If you love a good romantic suspense book, this is a great read. This book has great characters and Cheri is such a strong female lead, which I love. Bo Lawson is all sorts of a dominant male and I was thrilled to meet him.  This book has a few of the other characters in it from the other books, but you don’t need to have read those to enjoy this book. Loved Bo Lawson! Great read.


The Ball Games Bundle (Novellas 1-4) by Andie Long — You can get these books as individual novellas or in this bundled pack. They are all short books— each based around one specific family member. Andie Long writes with a lot of British words and the glossary of terms before each book always makes me laugh going into the story. Each story is well written and so funny. The books revolve around the Turner family and their love lives. This family has a lot of funny things happen to them on their way to love. Each book was a unique story about that family member and their relationship. The writing is witty and fun and you will laugh so hard. Definitely read these if you are in need of a good laugh!

As of 3.14.17, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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