The Bartender by Piper Rayne


There is nothing gentlemanly about Cole Webber.
Sadly, I seem to kind of like it that way.

You know, sometimes it can be difficult to find a book to read—with the glut of choices out there, how do you narrow down where to start? For me, it begins with the author, which is why I was slightly reluctant to give The Bartender (Modern Love Book 1) a chance. Piper Rayne isn’t one author, but two established writers working together under a pseudonym. Which is great, except…

Honestly, I’m a little bit over secret authors. I’d rather see the name, then read the bio and know whose words I am seeing—especially if, once I’m done, I’m keen to see what else they have on offer. That’s the case here. I enjoyed this book and I would happily read more from this duo… if I knew who they were.

The Bartender Ebook Cover

Alas, I do not.

Oh well, The Bartender makes for a good read, nonetheless. A cute, quick and sexy read, in fact; one that has its own charm, a touch of humor and a fun storyline. Once I was able to get past my secret author bias, I was very happy to spend some quality time with Whitney + Cole.

Admittedly, I didn’t completely connect with them—there’s something about the way this book is written that feels a little like we are stuck on the surface of the story, never getting deep enough to really know Whit or Cole or them together. To be sure, they had some wonderful moments—more than enough, in fact, for me to feel safe recommending you add The Bartender to your TBR and send it to your Kindle sooner rather than later—but I would have loved to see more of their quieter moments.

Having said that, their banter was a lot of fun—the overall lightness of the story was, in fact, super good—and I loved that the Whit hates Cole because… drama wasn’t unnecessarily drawn out beyond its natural conclusion. Plus, together their chemistry was pretty damn hot so although we did miss some of the swoonier, sweeter moments, it was patently obvious that Whit + Cole were a lovable, oh, so right couple.

That’s not to mention the female friendships that Piper Rayne added to the mix. I always love to see girls loving girls (I mean as friends, but hey, I’m 100% sure I’d like it otherwise, so…) and treating their friends with respect and care, and that’s what we get with this trio. Tahlia, Lennon + Whitney make a playful combination, and their time together was a definite bright spot in a book that didn’t lack for brightness, lightness and good times.

Like I said above, when I enjoy a book, I’m usually ready to seek out more books by the author/s, so although I might not know who these women are individually, I do know that I’ll be adding The Boxer (Modern Love Book 2) and The Banker (Modern Love Book 3) to my TBR. And if you, like me, are trying to narrow down your book choices, then The Bartender is a great place to start.

“You are so much more than nothing, sweetheart. You’re the opposite. You’re everything.”

As of 03.21.2017, The Bartender and The Boxer are available on Kindle Unlimited. The Banker will be available in KU upon release on 04.05.2017.

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