Garden of Goodbyes by Faith Andrews


I have been a big fan of Faith Andrews from the very first book of hers that I read. She has written some great love stories that I hold near and dear to my heart. I knew the premise of Garden of Goodbyes, but I had no idea the amount of angst and emotions it would pull 518A8kDTgVLfrom me the night that I sat and read it. I couldn’t put it down as I was pulled into its web of lies and betrayal. My heart broke for these characters, the emotions so real they bled from the pages. The characters in this book are so genuine and authentic, and the plot was like nothing I had read before. It left me wanting so much more for these characters, but as Faith says in her blurb, “This is not a romance, but it is a tale of love just the same.” This novel will leave you raw and rip your heart and soul out, but leave you with hope.

I personally have dealt with addiction in my family.  The addiction that destroys the lives of Violet, Eden + Lennox is a living, breathing thing in this world. To love someone with an addiction problem is soul crushing. Addiction is a disease and if a person doesn’t want to help themselves, there is nothing that you can do, but watch them slowly deteriorate or walk away. Faith has stepped out of her comfort zone and written with the grit that it takes to tell a story like this.

Addiction rarely gives us our happily ever after. With Garden of Goodbyes, Faith has given us her best writing to date as she tells us the heartbreaking story of these characters. This story was devastating and so hard for me to read, yet her words mesmerized me to the very end. It was beautifully told and the characters were so real and flawed. Life doesn’t always give you a happy ending. Sometimes you have to have the strength to find it for yourself.

As of 3.22.17, Garden of Goodbyes is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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