4 New KU Read Its



Damaged Love by Riann C. Miller—I love when a story is mostly told from the guy’s POV. I feel like I hear the woman’s voice so much more often, that it’s always a nice change of pace to hear more from the guys. In Damaged Love, the majority of the story is told by Jet. The story takes place at two different points of Jet + Rachel’s life. The first half of the book is about them meeting when they are 18/19 and falling for each other, only to have a lie rip them apart. Fourteen years later, they reconnect and all of those feelings are still there.  I loved Jet and the man that he becomes. The secondary characters in this book, Alana and Max, I fell in love with, too. I thought they really added to the story. This was a good read.


The Billionaire’s Secret Babies by Penny Wylder—This was a good, short insta-love story that can be read in one sitting. When Manila loses her job right after her maternity leave ends, she doesn’t know what she is going to do. Her twins are her world. When billionaire, Cassius Anderson offers her a job where she can bring her kids, her days start to look up. She falls hard and quick for Cassius and he for her.  It was a quick love story with a lot of heat. I really enjoyed it.


Irresistible by Lea Hart—This is a great start to Lea’s new series. Brock + Lilly grew up together and were probably always a little in love with each other, but never acted on it. At 18, Brock went to the military and Lilly went on with life. Now, Brock has returned to civilian life and wants to pursue the girl he has never been able to forget.

Lilly is a great character with so much strength and wittiness.  Brock is a guy who knows what he wants, but doesn’t know if he deserves it. He struggles with being enough for Lilly, but of course, our strong girl will have none of that and needs him all in. It was great to watch them ignite the fire that had always simmered between them.  I really enjoyed this read.


Rockstar Daddy by Taryn Quinn—Kellan is your typical rockstar. Love ‘em and leave ‘em. He doesn’t do relationships and doesn’t have any desire to get to know a woman, until Maggie. Maggie shows up at his house in a snowstorm after her car goes off the road. She is talkative and sure of herself and gives Kellan a run for his money. He has never met anyone like her and is drawn to her. After a hot time together, Maggie leaves and Kellan goes back to his rockstar life, but he can’t forget about Maggie. She is his game changer. I love these stories where the girl next door tames the bad boy and that is exactly what this book is. I loved watching the mighty Kellan fall for Maggie.

As of 4.13.17, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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