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Happy Sunday, bookworms! It’s time once again for the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, we have two unforgettable Buy Its for you—so make sure to add the Businessman and the D to your TBR ASAP!


 …for the rest of his life, all kisses would be measured against this one.
And none would ever stand the slightest chance of winning.

The Bohemian and the Businessman

I’m not typically one to make notes while I’m reading, preferring to rely on the feelings a book leaves me with when I finish the final page. But with The Bohemian and the Businessman I simply had to make notes. Because I needed to remember how this book made me feel with every page, every chapter, every swoon, every heart-racing moment.

So here, a sample of the notes I made:

Effortless to read.
Oh, Shane.
Time flew. Story flowed.
Romance is genuine, heartfelt.

It’s not much; a reminder that at every turn, Katy Regnery gave me a romance that was effortless. Romantic. Fluid. So very, very easy to read. Time and pages passed and I was just… lost. Lost in Shane + Priscilla. Lost in their marriage of convenience, which was in no way convenient for them, but incredibly convenient for me.

The Bohemian and the Businessman made me smile and swoon. It made my heart soar and race. I loved it with fervor, because it felt so real and right.

I should perhaps apologize for gushing, but… no. I won’t. Because this book is light and happy, threaded with feels—familial relationships that are bruised, loves yet to be returned, goals waiting to be achieved—and served within the deliciously, delightfully, wonderfully warm world of Blueberry Lane.

A world that, despite my new note-taking ways, has become unforgettable.

He wondered if the sun set inside of Priscilla every night, safe there until morning, making her vibrant and warm from the inside out, leaving enough of its powerful rays behind so that she could shine all day long.


I’m going to go out on a limb here. I know this is a potentially risky statement to make, but I’m BEYOND confident in doing so: All About the D is THE perfect contemporary romance novel. Absolutely PERFECT. I’ve read Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam before and they are each magical in their own right, but together, they are combustible!

All About The D

All About the D is the story of Evie + Josh. Josh is the D behind the website All About the D—a website dedicated to his, um, manhood—and Evie is the attorney Josh seeks out to protect his anonymity and represent him in negotiations.

Josh is everything I love in a male lead—sexy, smart, swoon-worthy, tender and loyal. And Evie is everything I love in a heroine—smart, strong, loyal, fun and loves the D!

With these two amazing characters as a foundation, All About the D was the exact experience I love to have as a reader: from the premise itself to the first meeting; the connection between Josh + Evie; the sex; all the ups and downs; the dialogue and each of the peripheral characters, every step was perfection.

It’s so rare that I read a book and enjoy every little nuance, each and every detail. Oftentimes, due to my crazy schedule, I find myself looking at how much time is left in a book. Not necessarily in a bad way, but simply because I am constrained by time. Not in this case. This was literally the first time I could recall in the recent past where I saw three, then two, then one hour remaining and was sad to know the experience was going to soon end. I savored each moment, each exchange, each scene, like they were my favorite candies. And even though I wanted to stay in their story forever, the pacing and timing were utter perfection.

Alas, it has ended for me, but luckily for all of us, there’s another book coming forth from these two amazing authors and I simply cannot wait. And, I hope, many, many more beyond that.

As of 04.30.2017, The Bohemian and the Businessman is available on Kindle Unlimited.
As of 04.30.2017, All About the D is available to pre-order for just 99c and will be made available on Kindle Unlimited upon release on 05.02.2017.

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