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Guess what? It’s time for the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group! YAY! We are extra excited this week, because Truth be told, we are bringing you not one, but TWO fantastic bearded Ballers… err, Buy Its. Make sure to add them to your TBR!



I just finished Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers Book 1) by Penny Reid and I couldn’t possibly love this book any more than I do.

When we read, the author takes us step-by-step through the motions, the emotions, the actions. Each happening spelled out so we connect to and understand the story. With Penny Reid, there’s something magical in the way she takes us through the paces. There’s almost—no, not almost—DEFINITELY something poetic in the way she writes, yet there is nothing stuffy in the way one might assume hearing that word. It’s poetic, yet endearing, loving, funny and special.

Her characters are unique and complex and intriguing, and yet you feel like you know them intimately almost immediately. Like you’ve known them forever, though there’s still so much to discover. Little breadcrumbs of their histories are left for you along the way, so your connection to them grows ever brighter with each passing chapter.

Truth or Beard is the story of Jessica + Duane. They grew up together, although not as friends—more like needles in each other’s sides. Now, as adults, they discover the truth of their shared history, and the feelings that weren’t always what they seemed. And while I fell head over heels in love with Jess + Duane, I found myself equally enchanted with all of the Winston brothers and their friends.

I can honestly say that I’ve never felt so connected to the peripheral characters in the first book of a series as I did with Truth or Beard. I often start a series and although I want to read the rest, I know my schedule will likely not allow it for some time. Come hell or high water, I will read the rest of this series and then read Knitting in the City in its entirety {Book 4, Beauty and the Mustache, is Ashley Winston’s story—Duane’s sister}. And, knowing how much Beth loved the Rugby series {also on KU}, I’ll undoubtedly be reading that as well.

The Winston Brothers series just became a part of Kindle Unlimited and I highly, highly recommend you get on it ASAP! I only wish I’d read it sooner.


“I’m always turned on by you, no matter what. The way you handle every situation thrown at you.”

I wonder if it’s possible to get a ‘Baller! Baller! Baller!’ chant started via book review? I feel like I should try, because if anyone deserves it, it’s Brooklyn Holt, the (bearded) titular Free Baller in book two of Rie Warren’s Bad Boy Ballers series. Because HOLY WOW, you guys, he was simply divine.

Or, to borrow Delaney’s own thoughts…

Sweet. Humble. Protective.

It’s the perfect description for this delicious tight end (incidentally, he has a delicious tight end of his own *wink wink*), who absolutely made me melt. It wasn’t just the way he respected the hell out of Laney, or the fact that every facet of her kick-ass personality turned him on, or even the way he talked dirty and acted dirtier.

It was all of those things, coupled with the fact he knew and loved that she was strong.


And damn, was she ever strong. I absolutely adored her. She was everything I love in a heroine—a take-no-shit fighter, a persistent player and sassy, sassy, sassy. She more than held her own against the Carolina Crush players, and she was absolutely #GOALS in basically all things.

Maybe I should get a ‘Laney! Laney! Laney!’ chant going instead, hmm?

But then again… that doesn’t take into account all the other things that make Free Baller one addictive read. Things like Brooks’ teammates—Calder, Bunyan, Akoni (that weepy giant)—and the edge of your seat action. Things like Frankie the tailor and Rafe + Peyton {the central characters of Million Baller Baby (Bad Boy Ballers Book 1)}, who make memorable appearances.

Things like the fact that Brooks was part-baller, part-cowboy and I. Love. Cowboys. Ungh.

So, where does that leave me? I think starting a chant for the woman who penned this book, bringing these characters and this story to life in a hot, funny, sweet and suspenseful manner. Say it with me:

‘Rie! Rie! Rie!’

We fought hard. Played hard. But we loved even harder, with our whole hearts.

As of 05.07.2017, Truth or Beard and Free Baller are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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