Until Harry by L.A. Casey


Oh, myohmy! This book.

When was the last time you read a book that you simply couldn’t put down? As the wee until-harryhours of the morning approached, you knew you should get some sleep, but you just had to know how it ended? I had that experience the other night {er, morning} and it was all the lovely fault of L.A. Casey and the wonderful novel, Until Harry. Well, and the fault of the equally lovely blogger, Donna Norman, who told me I needed to read it when it first came out.

After running away from England to the US six years prior, Lane has returned home due to the death of her beloved Uncle Harry. Her family, deeply hurt because of her move, is mostly estranged, and yet, the love this family has for each other most certainly triumphs all. Her mother and father, three brothers, her grandmother—and Kale, her best friend since childhood and the man that broke her heart.

Told in a series of flashbacks to Lane’s youth and leading up to her departure, Until Harry very deliberately takes you on the journey through events of the past, while simultaneously giving you glimpses of the relationships in Lane’s life and where they stand today. Watching her move from childhood through to adulthood, experiencing the joys and the pains that come with growing up, the circumstances that made her feel that she had no choice but to leave—all of these experiences indelibly make their way into your heart.

But six years in the life of a 26-year old is a lifetime and while Lane was abroad trying to heal herself, life back home in York moved forward. Coming back, as one would imagine, leads Lane to many discoveries about her time away and all that she’s missed. How she and those around her navigate her return is something that is so perfectly handled by Ms. Casey. You will assuredly become invested in Lane and her entire family and ultimately fall in love with this story and everyone in it.

As of 5.8.17, Until Harry is available to “Read and Listen for Free” on Kindle Unlimited.

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