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Happy Sunday, KUbbies! It’s time, once again, for the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, we’re bringing you a Buy It and a Read It to add to your TBR. Enjoy!

RATING: Buy It {Mila} –

A few years ago, I read The Club {The Club Series Book 1} by Lauren Rowe. I recalled really enjoying it, so when I learned from a fellow KUbbie last week that the entire series was available in KU, I was extremely excited. I immediately hunkered down to re-read book one in the series and instantly recalled what I loved so much about it. Lauren is my kind of writer—smart, sexy, funny. When a writer hits those three notes, I’m hooked. I quickly finished book one—why I didn’t read the rest of the series at the time has me completely stumped—and thought I’d review that here today {FYI, it would have been a Buy It for me and I, in fact, do own it}. However, I still had a few days to go before my review was due, and I saw that a new standalone in the series was just released—Captain. I quickly jumped in and so should you.


The heat. The sex. The banter. The storyline. Captain has it all. The story of Ryan + Tessa, Captain begins with the two of them meeting in a bar, experiencing a true soul connection, and parting ways under less than savory circumstances without a way to contact the other.

Fast forward three months and the two find themselves in Hawaii for a week at the same wedding. Trust me when I say that while those three months are a delicious experience to read—and that week in Hawaii is nothing less than COMBUSTIBLE—I simply don’t want to give any of that away here. However, it’s in those three months that we get to intimately know Ryan + Tessa, their friends and Ryan’s family—most definitely one of the reasons I absolutely adored this book and can’t wait to go back and finish the rest of The Club Series. I’m also excited to read Ball Peen Hammer—another standalone in the series featuring one of Ryan’s brothers, Keane.

Now, I love Tessa—smart, strong and, yes, even what I find endearing, her self-sabotaging ways—but can we please talk about Ryan for a moment? He is So. Utterly. Swoon-worthy. His feelings for Tessa are strong and deep and I absolutely loved hearing his inner thoughts and dialogue. He is the perfect combination of Alpha and sweet and everything I love in a lead male character—loyal, smart, funny, sexy {and don’t even get me started on the tattoos and piercings}. After having read thousands of romance novels, Ryan has quite literally taken THE top spot on my BBF list and it’s going to take a monumental new lead to move him from that position.

If, like me, smart {really smart—give me a book that quotes Plato and speaks of the classics and I’m a goner}, sexy and funny {with an amazing family and crew of characters} really does it for you, I highly recommend Captain and even though I haven’t read the entire series, I can most definitely recommend The Club {The Club Series Book 1}.


I shouldn’t be looking.
I shouldn’t be wanting.
I shouldn’t be touching.

…and I shouldn’t be surprised that author duo, Piper Rayne have—once again—turned out a charming, sexy story. In a charming, sexy new series (about single dads—I die!), no less.

Real Deal

Single dads, FTW. Is there anything hotter?! (If there is, don’t tell me. I don’t wanna know.)

Real Deal is the real deal—an enjoyable book with (mostly) likable characters, set in a town called… wait for it… Climax Cove. Heh. For the quirky store and town names alone, this book is worth reading. But it’s also worth it for the romance between Marcus + Cat. It’s a well-developed, swoony sort of love, and I really enjoyed how both Marcus and Cat engaged with Lily, Marcus’ adorable five year old, and with each other.

It made for a sweet, low-angst read, and sometimes, that’s exactly what a girl needs. Now, to be sure, there were a couple of things that distracted me—for me, forgive me, men don’t scream and Dane needed to cool it a little—but for the most part, Real Deal is completely unsurprising… in that I know I’m about to read something good, something hot, something fun kind of way.

Which is, of course, the BEST kind of way.

{Side note: I am 100% here for Garrett + Charlie. Please, please, writing Gods, let that be next.}

“I want a man who has two feet in my circle. One who can’t breathe without me. One who trusts me not to hurt him.”

As of 05.21.2017, Captain, The Club and Real Deal are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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