Stand by A.L. Jackson


Stand. The final chapter. The closing curtain on the Bleeding Stars series by A.L. Jackson. A series that has gripped readers’ hearts—and my very own—with each and every step of the band members of Sunder as we learned their stories one-by-one. The entire series is so beautifully written, yet each book has its own distinct voice as unique as each couple.

Stand is the story of Zee + Alexis, two beings brought together under horrible circumstances that seal their fate. Zee, the drummer boy with a hidden past. Alexis, the beautiful, loyal girl whose present is in turmoil. The question—can they build a future together?


Being the final novel of the series, to watch each of the boys of Sunder living their happily ever afters, while at the same time slowly learning of Zee’s history—and what has held him trapped in the past—was full of both joy and heartache all at the same time. To see this beautiful man hold himself back, hold himself apart from the others and from love, broke my heart. Yet knowing what each couple before had gone through to find their peace, one can’t help but read with a sense of hope and belief that Zee + Alexis will find theirs with each other.

I have rarely read a series where I fell equally in love with every leading couple, and book after book was able to see and feel all of the supporting characters, but the Bleeding Stars series is so special, that that’s exactly how it felt. I actually read it out of order—not by choice, but simply by what I came across first. I don’t think it loses anything in the telling, and one can certainly read Stand on its own. However, if I could do it all over again, I would read each book in order and savor every one. Luckily for us, the entire series is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

As of 05.30.2017 Stand and the Bleeding Stars series are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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