Sinful Temptation by London Hale

RATING: Read It This wild, unfettered response to my body and my words. This was my heaven. This was my home. This was everything I had ever wanted. Sometimes, I like to peruse the Romance categories on Amazon. Sometimes, I like to click through the Kindle Unlimited catalogue. And sometimes, I go to my favorite […]

KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

It’s time! Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, we have two Buy Its for you—and two men who are just right for a very special job… Enjoy! RATING: BUY IT {Beth} – “I came because you’re all I want. […]

Edge of Regret by Molly E. Lee

RATING: BUY IT Do you have a favorite series and you count the days until the next release?  For me, it’s the Love on the Edge series by Molly E. Lee. It is a series completely unlike the other books that I read in the sense that it’s adventure romance. It brings back memories of my […]

Clam Jam by RC Boldt

RATING: READ IT Girl walks in on her fiancé cheating on her and kicks him out. Girl needs roommate. Preferably a gay one. Boy likes girl and needs apartment. So, what does he do? He tells her he’s gay. What could possibly go wrong? Clam Jam by RC Boldt is the story of Ryan + […]

KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Happy Sunday Spotlight Day, bookworms!! That’s right, thanks to KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group, the Spotlight is back for another EPIC week. Get those one-click fingers warmed up, because today we’re bringing you not one, but TWO Buy Its. Enjoy! RATING: BUY IT {Mila} – Ok, first things first. If you […]

Bad Penny by Staci Hart

RATING: BUY IT Every now and again, I read a book and fall head over heels for the lead female character. Penny from Bad Penny by Staci Hart is one of those girls. So, while I’m not much of a fangirl by nature, I’m going to fawn a bit over Penny. Frankly, it’s hard not […]

Dirty Talker by Piper Rayne

RATING: Read It What’s that saying? Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, and I’m an idiot who needs to stay far, far away from Dane Murray. I have to admit, I was apprehensive about Dirty Talker… After all, while I really enjoyed Real Deal, I wasn’t always enamored with Dane. He was […]

KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Good morning, and welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, we have two fabulous Buy Its to add to your TBR—books that will make you laugh-out-loud and fall in love. What a combo! RATING: BUY IT {Mila} – I started […]

4 New KU Read Its

RATING: READ IT Bitch Slap by J. Kenner—One of my favorite things in a book is when the cocky jerk gets knocked down a peg by the strong leading lady. From the moment that Pierce meets Jez, Jez throws him off his game. They both think their meeting is about something else and the conversation […]

Love In Transit: One Blurb: Six Different Stories

Confession time: I have 20+ anthologies in my library. Would you like to know how many I’ve read from cover to cover? Exactly one—Love in Transit by Jana Aston, Ainsley Booth, Kitty French, BJ Harvey, Raine Miller and Liv Morris. Why this one above all the others? I’m glad you asked. 😉 Love in Transit is the brainchild […]